‘I thought about giving up twice’, admits Mussunzinho about A Fazenda 13


Eliminated from A Fazenda 2021, Mussunzinho admitted that he almost rang the bell during his stay in the rural reality show. This Tuesday (12), the actor vented about the pressure of the game and explained the motivations that led him to want to abandon the dispute for R$ 1.5 million.

“In these two weeks, a lot of things weighed on me. I felt pains that I haven’t felt since back then, it’s very crazy. Do you think you’re mentally organized? Forget it! You come in homesick, you already have an internal problem, [soma-se a isso] 15 fights a day, 15 hugs, but only two are real, a hurricane,” detailed Mussunzinho in an interview with Link Podcast.

In a chat with Fabiola Gadelha, the one eliminated from the rural reality show said that people forget their own behavior because of the pressure of confinement. “It’s difficult until you stay strong, so I understood a lot about [Fernanda] Fearful when she rang the bell, because I thought about knocking twice. We already come with traumas”, pointed out the ex-pawn, referring to the rapper’s withdrawal.

“When everything started to happen, a lot of things started to come up inside me. The lack of Tom [filho do artista] it really accelerated this process, because I saw that my only base was out here and I was feeling like an abandoned little boat. The strong man who passed by, who was recognized in relation to my father [Mussum, 1941-1994], he became a boy again,” commented Erika Schneider’s rival in the game.

Mussunzinho evaluated his time on the reality show as an experience of “gratitude”, but he made the following reservation: “I really couldn’t adapt to what’s posted”.

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