‘I wouldn’t go to the BBB, the chance of getting burned is very big’, says João Guilherme – Prime Time Zone


In an interview with Pânico, the singer revealed that he considers ‘BBB 21’ a ‘newspaper of the world that lives’ for meeting the famous participants

Image: Reproduction / PanicIn an interview with Pânico, João Guilherme reveals that he advised Jade Picon not to participate in Big Brother Brasil

The singer João Guilherme Ávila stated in an interview with the program Panic, gives Young pan, this Thursday, 18th, who would hardly accept to participate in the reality show Big Brother Brasil, since “the chance of getting burned is very big”. “I am following the ‘BBB 21‘because it is basically a newspaper in the world that I live in, the participants are the people I know and live with everyday. Last year, my girlfriend was invited into the house and asked for my opinion. I said that, if the invitation was made to me, I would not go because the chance of giving loopholes and getting burned is very big. Inside you are deceived by the game, you don’t know what the audience is thinking. If you don’t understand the view of the audience, it is because you will fall into a sense of judgment, ”he said. Since September 2018, the singer has been dating youtuber Jade Picon.

In addition to talking about Jade in the conversation, the artist also revealed details of the relationship he has with his father, the sertanejo. Leonardo. “My father finds some of my habits strange, like painting his nails, because there is this clash of generations. He is comedy, he talks about how he thinks my ways are funny and different. But my ears are always open to hear him, he looks at my music and works as an actor, congratulates me, gives tips and helps. The world of music has changed, currently it works as another form of business, but my father has a lot of experience ”, he concluded.

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