‘If I wanted to do militancy, I wouldn’t be in Big Brother’, shoots Lumena


Lumena Aleluia did not like Viih Tube’s comment on Jogo da Discórdia on BBB21. This Tuesday (9), the sisters commented on the accusation of the youtuber that the psychologist had “militated wrong” in the controversy between Karol Conká and Carla Diaz. Irritated by the criticism, the Bahian woman shot: “If I wanted to do militancy, I wouldn’t be in Big Brother”.

“This is not about militancy. Militancy is what I do out there. Every analysis, situation, concerns a process of sociability. This is exactly where the argument that is not about militancy is broken, it is about identification. You don’t know me to say that my stance here is a militant stance “, added Lumena in her outburst.

The controversy returned to the surface when Karol’s ally called the digital influencer to reflect the dynamics of Monday (8). “I considered the fact that Karol herself assumed that she made a mistake and that she had a crisis of jealousy, something she created in her head, that nobody passed on to her. In fact, it was assumed that it was a rumor. I felt that you were a little hypocritical with me “, pointed out Viih.

“You [Lumena] came and said to me: ‘You are only hearing the white person’s word and you are not listening to Karol’. Only, at the same time, you hadn’t heard Carla, you had only heard Karol. In the same way that I only heard one person, you also only heard one person “, Viih recalled.

The protagonist of Em Prova also pointed out that she talked to other black people, such as Camilla de Lucas, who did not see a racial theme in the confusion, only the intrigue created by the singer.

“Talking about the subject is not militancy. In my trajectory, I got this feeling of trying to explain to you that talking about race relations is not military, it is a base”, tried to justify the DJ.

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