If Joga resurrects Video Show and gives more ibope than Angélica’s program


Se Joga returned reformulated to the grid of Globo, in a version very similar to the extinct Video Show (1983-2019), and gave more ibope than Simples Assim, a program presented by Angélica in the time slot that precedes Caldeirão do Huck. The re-attraction of the attraction, which now has only Fernanda Gentil as holder, hit 12.3 audience points on Saturday (6).

On a Saturday of restrictions in the state of São Paulo, which regressed to the red phase of the São Paulo Plan to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, Globo grew in general in ibope. Between 7 am and 0 am, the broadcaster recorded 15.2 points of average.

With recording errors, backstage at the broadcaster and intimate interviews, the attraction was compared on social media to the Video Show by viewers on social media.

This time, Fernanda Gentil led the afternoon alone, as Fabiana Karla was disconnected from the project and Érico Brás moved to report on the streets. The presenter even bet on the friendship relationship with Sandy Leah to get confessions from the singer and her husband Lucas Lima at the premiere.

Se Joga hit 12.3 points and 23.5% share (televisions tuned to the station). The return of the program was well compared to the debut of Simples Assim, on October 10, 2020, when Angélica’s attraction scored just 8.6 points. Focused on showing the good side of life and happiness in simple things, the program even created a “hole in the audience” delivered to Caldeirão.

See below the hearings of Saturday, March 6, in Greater São Paulo:

Average of the day (7h / 0h): 15.2
How will it be? 4,3
It’s from Home 6,9
SP1 13,9
Globe Sports 14,3
Newspaper Today 13,9
Take it down 11,1
Play 12,3
Huck’s cauldron 14,2
Our lives 19,1
SP2 22,8
Let There Be Heart 25,4
National Newspaper 27,5
Mother’s love 28,6
The Power of Wanting 32,0
Big Brother Brasil 21 27,7
Late hours 13,5
Supercine: Sex and the City – O Filme 6,7
BBB Network Newsletter 5,4
Owl 1: Like Our Parents 4,1
Owl 2: Two Lives 3,2
Average of the day (7h / 0h): 6.0
Religious 0,5
Brazil Trucker 1,1
Special Brazil Speech 6,3
Love school 3,4
Religious 2,3
Special General Balance Sheet 6,3
Cine Aventura: Look Who’s Talking Too 6,1
City Alert 7,8
Newspaper of Record 7,8
Genesis – Best Moments 5,4
Maximum Screen: I Know What You Did Last Summer 3,2
Chicago Fire – Heroes Against Fire 2,8
Speaks, I hear you 1,3
Religious 0,7
Average of the day (7h / 0h): 4.5
Happy Saturday 3,3
The Thundermans 6,6
Raul Gil program 4,2
Lassie 3,8
The Adventures of Rhine Tin Tin 3,0
SBT Brasil 3,4
Chiquititas 5,1
fashion Squad 4,6
Bake Off Celebrities 6,3
Impressive News 4,2
Supernatural 2,3
Jornal da Semana SBT 2,0

Source: Issuers

Each point is equivalent to 76,577 households in Greater SP

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