Ilha Record: Pyong Lee defrauds the final of the reality after testing positive for Covid-19


Finalist of Ilha Record, Pyong Lee gave a scare in the production of the reality by testing positive for Covid-19 when he arrived at the network’s headquarters. This Thursday (9), after confirming the result, the attraction team led by Sabrina Sato provided a structure for the hypnologist to participate, in his residence, in this evening’s program.

The final of the reality will be broadcast live from Record studios and all participants will be present for the result. So Lee went to the network. However, when taking the mandatory test, he was diagnosed and sent back to his home.

According to information released by journalist Flavio Ricco (R7), and confirmed by TV news with Record, the alternative found was to provide a link at Lee’s house. Thus, he will remotely participate in the final of the dispute.

Not even the positive result made Lee break the silence he has maintained on social networks since the beginning of the controversies that took place in the dispute, such as the alleged betrayal with Antonela Avellaneda and the end of his marriage with Sammy Lee.

Lee competes for the two reality awards: R$ 500 thousand against Any Borges, due to her trajectory in the program, and R$ 250 thousand, the value of the dispute that will be defined by the public.

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