In A Fazenda 13, Gui Araujo turns his coat and flatters Dayane: ‘Best person’


In A Fazenda 2021, Gui Araujo forgot the recurring criticisms of Dayane Mello. This Thursday (14), after the model conquered the farmer’s hat of the week, the former MTV took advantage of a conversation with allies to flatter the behavior of former Big Brother Italy: “Best person so far”.

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In the kitchen of the reality show, Tiago Piquilo began the round of praise for the commander of the week. “One person said that, this person is Day: ‘I want to use my time as a farmer to conquer some things, to understand myself.’ She used you [Araujo] as a positive reference, by the mandate you had, the way you conducted it, your posture.”

“She didn’t agree with the way Rico [Melquiades] led and praised you. Like, wanting to be equal [a você], did you get it?”, continued the countryman. Anitta’s ex-affair agreed: “She was the best person ever, she was now with the hat on her head.”

During the chat with Erasmo Viana and Dynho Alves, Piquilo said that Araujo was seen by Dayane as a “mirror” of a good leader. “There are people who see this as manipulating. In this one who can’t be persuaded, he says I’m manipulative. If it’s to manipulate like that, to be nice, it’s good,” said the ex-On Vacation with the Ex.

“If this is preserved, there is a very high possibility of keeping it that way,” pointed out the singer.

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