In A Fazenda 13, Rico exposes Mileide’s past: ‘Wesley Safadão himself is found’


This Friday (24th) night, Rico Melquiades again spoke badly about Mileide Mihaile during the party in A Fazenda 2021. She thinks she’s naughty Wesley himself,” he snapped, referring to the girl’s ex-husband.

During a conversation with Solange Gomes, the former MTV defined Mileide as a plant, suggesting that the participant does not add anything to the rural competition. “It’s her way,” defended the ex-Banheira do Gugu.

Rico, however, continued to detonate his rival. “I know her, I’ve been to an event with her, she thinks she’s Wesley Safadão himself, do you think she values ​​people? No, I’m the proof of life, her nose is here [empinado], she thinks herself Wesley Naughty, my vote is hers. I know I’ll go to the fields, if I catch the farmer….”, he promised, without completing the sentence.

Earlier, the Alagoas had already fired offenses at Mileide. In a conversation with Gui Araujo, Erika Schneider and Aline Mineiro, the influencer made an accusation against the girl. “I know Mileide from outside, I know the little piece, she’s already found me in several events. Her nose is here [no alto]. He’s already taken I don’t know how many thousand from Safadão’s family. I’ll tell you the story later,” he promised.

Concerned with the speech of his colleague in confinement, Gui asked Rico to stop the comment involving the country singer. Erika then added: “Rico, stop”. “I mean it. Rich is fucking rich,” he countered.

Sought by the article, the influencer’s advisor did not comment on the matter until the publication of this text.

Where to watch The Farm 13?

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The platform offers 14 days of free use for those who have never subscribed to the service. After this period, the user starts to pay the monthly fees. In addition to the nine cameras and full episodes of A Fazenda 13, Record’s streaming offers soap operas, series, newscasts and programs shown on the station.

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