In A Fazenda 13, Rico forgets about his shack with Solange and makes a surprising decision.


In A Fazenda 2021, Rico Melquiades decided to give a break from his quarrel with Solange Gomes. This Tuesday (28), the day the farm was formed, the digital influencer buried the shack with the muse of the Bathtub Gugu and stated that he does not intend to vote for her in the coming weeks.

“I like her [Solange]. Okay, I had a fight with her, but I don’t vote for her so soon because she’s just like me. You’re not here to please anyone, to be anyone’s friend. Vote for her whoever you want, and that’s it,” said Melquiades during a conversation with Erika Schneider and Marina Ferrari.

The people were suspicious of the ex-MTV’s speech and said that he is a friend of all those confined. “I’m not everyone’s friend, no! I don’t want to please anyone here. If I wanted to please, I would swallow frogs like many people do here, I don’t fight with anyone,” he countered, annoyed.

“When I have to fight, I fight! When I have to position myself, I take a stand. Now, you’re afraid of a lot of people!”, accused Carlinhos Maia’s friend. “No, I’m not afraid, I have respect,” said the farmer.

Rico stood up and criticized the position of former dancer Faustão: “That’s not it [aceito], everything here in this house is lack of respect. I don’t have respect because I call the person silly?”.

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