In A Fazenda 13, Tiago rejects friendship with Valentina for the past: ‘We’ve already had sex’


Tiago Piquilo rejected the affectionate friendship that Valentina Francavilla has for him in A Fazenda 13 because of the past between the two. The country singer decided that Ratinho’s former stage assistant can no longer call him her brother. “We already had sex,” he argued.

“Friends are people who always talk, are together, see each other, people who have a boundary between them. A friend doesn’t have sex with a friend,” began Piquilo. “But who has sex here?” asked the girl, intrigued. “You and I did,” he replied.

“It’s been 15 years? So what? We didn’t even talk to each other,” replied the Italian, dissatisfied. “We’re past this friendship phase, you don’t have to say you’re my sister, we’re not brothers,” said the artist. “But I care for you like that,” she tried to argue.

“Try to understand this, what we have is affection above friendship”, declared Tiago. “So I can’t hug you? Because if I hug you, I’ll call it something different,” she quipped, putting “something different” in quotation marks with a gesture with her hands.

“We always hugged, we always played in here. What happens is that I have a person and you can have a person. People will not think with their head”, explained the singer. “I get it, but it hurts me,” Valentina replied.

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