In A Fazenda 13, Valentina opens Aline’s eye: ‘People only think about themselves’


Valentina Francavilla decided to open Aline Mineiro’s eye in A Fazenda 2021. This Tuesday (21), before the Forma da Roça, Ratinho’s stage assistant spoke about the behavior of the digital influencer and warned her: “People only think in itself”.

“Girlfriend, I didn’t hear anything, nobody brought me anything to gossip with. I do fine, I go to the bathroom, I don’t like it. I think some people might think I’m a sucker because I like to be good with people,” explained the ex -panic. The former SBT questioned the reason why her friend had this thought.

Leo Lins’ girlfriend stated that she started to have this feeling because of the latest events of the reality show, and Valentina started the warning: “I’m a bit like you. As we are very cute and we like this energy of always being together, a people think it’s like that too. Here, there are many people who only think about themselves and about playing”.

“They don’t care, they just want to play and make it clear. We want people to take care of us, share affection. For example, there are days when I wake up and nobody says hello,” complained the cover of Playboy.

Then, Valentina pointed out the risks of this type of behavior: “The fall is very big, because you are a lot of love, a lot of heart. We get disappointed with those who least expect it.”

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