In A Força do Querer, Irene celebrates with a new trump card: ‘I’m pregnant’


Eugênio (Dan Stulbach) and Joyce (Maria Fernanda Cândido) will not have peace in A Força do Querer. Irene (Débora Falabella) will get a new asset to make the couple hell in the nine o’clock soap opera. The architect will throw a party when she finds out she is pregnant with the lawyer.

The scammer character will do some routine exams and go to a restaurant with the results in hand. On the spot, she will meet Silvana (Lilia Cabral). Upon learning of the pregnancy, the villain will celebrate and take the opportunity to throw the news “on the fan”.

She will reveal to Eurico’s wife (Humberto Martins) that she is expecting a child from her ex-lover. At this point in the plot, Irene will be on the verge of driving Eugênio and Joyce crazy. She will prank and even call the door to his office to harass him and make him angry.

Silvana will think about leaving the restaurant when she sees Irene enter. “Running from me, Silvana? How is your husband doing?”, Will provoke the character of Débora Falabella. “My husband is fine. What about his elbow pain? Every day more acute, more chronic! You can tell,” said Simone’s mother (Juliana Paiva).

“I think you’re confusing your elbows. Mine with your sister-in-law’s. It must be really hard to live with a man with another woman in his head, very difficult,” Irene will insist. The compulsive player will get up and switch places.

The thug will order a drink and open the exams on her own. She will be in shock with one of them and will call the doctor in despair, but will not be able to speak to the specialist. Then, the scammer will say out loud: “That’s right”.

She will go to Silvana’s table and shoot: “I’m pregnant”. Irene will throw the paper with the result on the table and laugh out loud at the enemy. The scene is scheduled to go from the next 25th in the novel written by Gloria Perez for Globo.

Globo has already recorded the final 23 chapters of Mother’s love, but Manuela Dias’s will air again in March after the re-presentation of the “special edition” of A Força do Querer. In addition to the spoilers, check out the summaries of the nine o’clock soap opera which are published daily by TV News.

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