In a victory against Covid-19, Luciano Szafir is discharged after a month in hospital – Prime Time Zone


Actor was admitted to Hospital Samaritano, in Rio de Janeiro, on June 22, after a positive diagnosis for reinfection by coronavirus; presenter underwent surgery and was even intubated

Reproduction/Instagram/szafirficial/16.07.2021Actor was transferred to his room last Tuesday, 20, being discharged this Saturday

The actor Luciano Szafir won the fight against Covid-19. The 52-year-old presenter was discharged this Saturday, 24, from Copa Star Hospital, in Rio de Janeiro. He had been hospitalized since June 22, when he was admitted to the Samaritano Hospital, also in Rio de Janeiro, after reinfection by the coronavirus. During this little more than a month in hospital, the clinical condition of the father of Sasha Meneghel, the result of the actor’s relationship with the presenter Xuxa Meneghel, it got worse and Szafir needed an abdominal surgery on 7 July. He was also taken to an intensive care unit (ICU), where he was intubated for complications from Covid-19, when the queen of the shorties asked for prayers for her ex-husband. “Please pray for him and for everyone who didn’t need to be going through this,” said the actress at the time, saying that the vaccine had “took too long”. After the surgical procedure, Luciano Szafir presented a “satisfactory evolution” in the infection, being extubated, and published a video to show the fans that “he was alive”. “Hi people. I decided to make this video to show that I’m alive and to say thanks”, he said, moved and visibly weakened. The actor was transferred to the bedroom last Tuesday, 20, having been discharged this Saturday. The first diagnosis for Covid-19 of Szafir happened in February of this year, being considered a mild condition, without complications.