In A Vida da Gente, Eva makes Manuela’s skull to make transplant difficult: ‘Weak’


Eva (Ana Beatriz Nogueira) will make Manuela’s (Marjorie Estiano) skull to prevent her from donating a part of her liver to Júlia (Jesuela Moro) in the last week of A Vida da Gente. “He was always sick, he was always weak. You don’t know what I went through with that girl”, the shrew will say, in a conversation with Lúcio (Thiago Lacerda) in the six o’clock soap opera.

Ana (Fernanda Vasconcellos) will not be able to save her own daughter, as she suffered a liver injury due to anticonvulsants ingested during her years in a coma. The exams, however, will show that both the villain and the chef are compatible with the character of Jesuela Moro.

Maria’s partner (Neusa Borges) will be chosen because of her age, but Eva won’t give up so easy to leave as “heroine” in the situation. “Doctor Lúcio, I’m sorry to intrude, but the truth is that, even though I’m older, I should be the donor”, will demand the bad character.

“Dona Eva, please,” the neurologist will complain. “Please, I say. Manuela was always sick, she was always weak. You don’t know what I went through with that girl. There were sleepless nights and nights. There wasn’t a month that she didn’t get sick. It took work even to be born. , it was a complicated delivery”, will argue the van.

“Your daughter is making a very noble gesture that you should be proud of instead of creating some kind of hindrance”, will need Lúcio. “But I’m just telling the truth. I swear, Manuela was always weak. She never could stand playing a sport”, will insist the antagonist, played by Ana Beatriz Nogueira.

The health professional will lose patience for good in the scenes that will be shown this Wednesday (4)in Lícia Manzo’s brochure:

There is a team of highly qualified professionals around this issue. They all claim that Manuela is 100% ready to donate part of her liver. In all honesty, this concern of yours is somewhat inappropriate. To say the least, don’t you think?

Lúcio (Thiago Lacerda) in A Vida da Gente

Chapter summary

Second, 2/8 (Chapter 133)
Rodrigo and Manuela despair when they find out about their daughter’s clinical condition. Moema ends her relationship with Wilson. Rodrigo goes to Gramado to tell Ana about Julia’s health. Manuela talks to Lourenço and Nanda about Julia’s condition.

Cicero talks to Suzana. Gabriel arrives at the hospital just as Rodrigo consoles Manuela. Cris asks Lourenço to stay with Tiago. The doctor explains to Ana, Rodrigo and Manuela that Julia will need a transplant.

Tuesday, 3/8 (Chapter 134)
Lúcio and Daniel explain to Rodrigo and Ana why they cannot be Julia’s donors. Lourenço tells Tiago that he is his father. Due to blood compatibility, Manuela and Eva are chosen to take the exams.

Jonas tries to disguise Angela’s presence in his house, but Cléber doesn’t believe his justifications. Dora argues with Marcos. Daniel tells Eva and Manuela that they are ready to be donors.

Wednesday, 8/4 (Chapter 135)
Manuela is recommended to do the transplant for Julia, and Daniel explains to all the risks of the surgery. Rodrigo confesses to Lourenço that he fears for the life of his daughter and ex-wife. Eva tries to convince Lucius that Manu is not the ideal person to donate her liver to her granddaughter.

Moema refuses to go back to dating Wilson. Alice is moved by the fact that Cicero and Suzana have gotten back together. Dora ends up with Marcos. Julia says she is happy because Ana and Manu have reconciled. Iná follows her granddaughters to the operating room. Ana and Manu embrace emotionally.

Thursday, 8/5 (Chapter 136)
Julia goes to the operating table. Ana and Rodrigo are apprehensive. Lourenço and Celina talk about childbirth. Ana prays, Eva consoles her daughter and the two argue. Dora suffers from separation from Marcos. The team operating Manuela notices an abnormality in her liver. Cicero tells Alice that he is close to Suzana.

Iná and Eva talk and argue. Doctors confirm that Manuela is able to undergo the transplant. Ana and Rodrigo support each other. Wilson asks Moema to marry him. Vitória sees Mariano’s arrest on television. At the hospital, Lúcio and the medical team arrive to say how Manuela and Júlia are doing.

Friday, 8/6/ (Chapter 137)
The surgery is a success and everyone celebrates. Rodrigo goes to Manuela’s room and cries, Gabriel observes the scene from afar. Rodrigo visits the river where he stayed with Ana for the first time. Two weeks time pass.

Lúcio releases Júlia, Rodrigo and he embrace. Ana and Manuela fight with Eva and say that Iná has always been a mother to her. Vitória ends up with Mariano and moves away from Cecília. Marcos flirts with the mother of a child at the club. Celina introduces her cousin to Dora.

Manuela talks to Nanda about Rodrigo. Gabriel ends up with the chef. Rodrigo looks for Manuela and Ana looks for Lúcio. Iná talks about the importance of time.

Saturday, 7/8
Replay of the last chapter.

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