In A Vida da Gente, Marcos breaks for good and drags Dora into the mud: ‘Great loss’


Marcos (Ângelo Antônio) will not be able to carry out his business and will break in A Vida da Gente. With another failed project, the man will drag Dora (Malu Galli) into the mud, will not be able to admit that he failed and will still claim that he did not have a “great loss” with the bankruptcy of the company in the soap opera of the six of Globo.

Late at night, Dora and Sofia (Alice Wegmann) will stay at home anxiously waiting for Marcos, who has not arrived or given any news. As soon as he walks through the door, they will see that something is not right and will receive a warning from the man: they need to talk.

Dejected, the businessman will tell that he was in a meeting with his partner and, after a long conversation, the agency was closed. The woman and the young woman will be startled. “For God’s sake, Marcos. Can you calmly explain what happened?”, will ask Olivia’s mother (Anna Rita Cerqueira).

In scenes that will air on July 24th, dismayed , he explained that the only chance of recovering the company would be for his partner to invest more money , which the businessman refused to do .

I tried to prove in every way that closing the agency would be suicide. It would be jumping straight to an ending that was in his head, that he had invented. That investing more would not be a loss. On the contrary, investing would be the only chance to recover what had already been invested.

Dora will show that she understands the partner’s motives. “Okay, but he was probably afraid of taking on too big a debt,” he will opine. “But more than afraid, he was panicky,” the man will note.

Dora will be worried about the fate of the family

announced failure

The social worker, who refused to lend her husband money to invest in the agency, will recall that she had already made her concern for his business clear.

You know how cautious I am. I was always afraid that this could happen, but not for lack of competence. But because every business, after all, is a leap into the unknown. But hey, anyway, I still didn’t think it could be that fast.

Marcos will confess that he is devastated, but will be confident about the loss of what he invested. “Now you have to sell the equipment, the monitors, the furniture. But rest assured that I’ve already done the survey of the heaviest bills and, in the end, it will be possible to tie everything up. That’s the good news, we won’t leave with a great loss,” he will say.

“No, sorry, Marcos. That’s not exactly good news. Because here, expenses continue. Our expenses are fixed. Okay, you didn’t have a big hole there, but how are we going to do it here at home now?”, will question the character of Malu Galli, worried.

Vitória’s ex-husband (Gisele Fróes) will ask for calm, but the social worker and Sofia will be desperate with the uncertainty of how they will survive without Marcos’ financial help.

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