In A Vida da Gente, Vitória catches Cecília with drugs and abuse: ‘Molecagem’


Vitória (Gisele Fróes) will suffer a disappointment with her pupil in A Vida da Gente. The coach will catch Cecília (Polliana Aleixo) with stimulant drugs to improve her performance on the court and will be shocked. Angered by the girl’s lack of commitment, she will forbid her to compete. “Molecagem” will scorn the shrew when she makes it clear that she has a name to watch over in Globo’s six o’clock soap opera.

After some complaints from Cecília and the low performance in training, Vitória will look for the athlete before a competition to find out if she is well and ready. “Of course, you don’t even need to ask,” the girl will respond. “No? Sorry, but I do think I need to. Because it seems that this story about headaches, nausea is in fashion now…”, the coach will remember.

The girl will confirm that she is fine and that she will compete. “I’m still playing well, my breath is better than ever and that’s what matters, right? You can relax, Vitória, I’m under control”, will affirm the tennis player, as she leaves the dressing room.

In scenes that will air on July 10th, suspicious, Vitória will take advantage of the fact that she is alone, will open the girl’s backpack and find a bottle of stimulant. After Cecília is taking drugs to improve her tennis performance, she will be satisfied.

“Can you explain to me what this is? Who do you think you’re dealing with? I have years on the road, I have a name to look after. I won’t throw it all down the drain, I won’t screw it up because of your irresponsibility, of their pranks”, will advise the coach.

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Victory will put Cecilia against the wall

off the courts

In tears, Mariano’s daughter (Francisco Cuoco) will say she didn’t take the drug. “I didn’t take anything, I swear! They gave it to me, but I would never take it, of course not!”, Cecilia will assure. Gisele Fróes’ character will look right in her face and show that she doesn’t believe her words.

“Is that so? So we’re going to talk now with those responsible for this tournament, immediately do a doping test on you. Can be? Shall we go?”, Sofia’s mother (Alice Wegmann) will scream in Lícia Manzo’s plot.

With no way out, Cecilia will admit that she took the stimulant. “You mean that’s how you’ve won all the games so far? Was it like that?”, the executioner will show his disappointment. “I’m sorry, Vitória. I swear it’s the last time I go on court wearing this”, promises the athlete, crying.

No, you are not going on court now! You just lost the game by WO“, will decide Vitória. Cecilia will beg her to let her compete and will make many promises, but nothing will change the coach’s decision. “You don’t understand, you’re not going on the court! Not with your name attached to me. Did you hear me? You don’t play today!”, he will announce.

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