In Brazil and abroad, artists perform their first post-quarantine concerts


One of the phenomena of the pop sertanejo, Gusttavo Lima believes that the time for the return of the big shows is coming: “Across the world, we already see artists resuming the concert schedule and I believe that the trend here will also be that. We are very close to getting back on schedule, with everyone vaccinated”.

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For many MPB artists, it’s a matter of days. Venues are already announcing great performances by Ney Matogrosso, Fagner, Ira! with the Ira project! Folk, Zé Geraldo and others.

The duo Fernando & Sorocaba performed, between August 21st and 28th, a tour of five shows in North American cities. With an eye on the resumption of performances here, she will release, on September 3rd, the unpublished album A Uma Música de Distance, recorded during the pandemic.

“These international shows honor not only the artist who is there, but also give the Brazilian people who live abroad the opportunity to enjoy a little bit of the country and the culture of origin. In addition, of course, to giving us a lot of artistic projection and good financial return”, says Sorocaba, who is also the owner of an artistic management office.

He believes that, as soon as the shows are resumed, the market will quickly heat up for country artists – although the major events in the sector should only return in the second half of 2022. . I also think that many artists, like us, have good cards up their sleeves to be released in the coming months. Concerts and hits in country music go hand in hand, and I believe that one thing will pull the other in this resumption”, he says.

Besides them, other sertanejos are on a trip scheduled for shows abroad this second semester. Israel & Rodolfo, Matheus Fernandes and Diego & Victor Hugo will go to the United States. wesley naughty will take the Weekend WS to Cancun, Mexico, in October. Marília Mendonça, the queen of suffering, will tour Europe in November, visiting cities such as London, Brussels, Zurich, Porto and Lisbon.

The 64th edition of the Festa do Peão de Barretos ends today, Sunday, after five days of intense programming that included performances by artists such as Wesley Safadão, Simone & Simaria and Matheus & Kauan. The public had to watch everything from afar, through daily lives. Nobody can step into the concert arena of one of the most traditional events in the country, in which many duos and singers from the backcountry world have become famous. In pre-pandemic times, the scenario was quite different. In the last edition, in 2019, Parque do Peão received around 800 thousand visits.