In Family Ties, Miguel stands against his daughter and defends Helena: ‘I’m not a kid’


Miguel (Tony Ramos) will be beside himself when he finds out that his daughter defrauded Helena (Vera Fischer) in Family Ties. The bookshop owner will turn against Ciça (Julia Feldens) to defend his ex. “I’m not a kid,” he warns, when he makes it clear that he does not want to interfere in his life in the soap opera shown at Vale a Pena Ver de Novo.

On his birthday, Miguel will find out that Helena went to look for him and left him flowers. When questioning why he was not warned about the visit of the beautician, the businessman will discover that his daughter was hiding that the blonde went to the bookstore.

“I took her for a run, I said she was not welcome. That was it! Just on your birthday, I didn’t want to see you down and with an elbow pain. I did it and I do it again”, confesses Ciça.

Miguel will be upset by the girl’s attitude. “You always surpass, always exceed. I can’t admit it. It’s no fun anymore. I don’t admit that you invade my life like that. Helena suffering from Camila’s disease (Carolina Dieckmann) and you repudiate her, disown her”, she will point out .

Ciça will reply and say that Helena cannot use Camila’s illness as an excuse to do her nonsense, since no one is to blame for Edu’s wife (Reynaldo Gianecchini) being sick. “We don’t have to keep rubbing Helena’s head because of that,” said the girl.

“What do you know about life, about a father and mother desperate to save a child? What do you know about that? I couldn’t have treated Helena the way you did. Restrain yourself, control yourself. Do you think What am I? A kid, I’m not. Do you think you are the owner of the absolute truth? “, Miguel will ask.

Tired of his daughter’s intrusions and without patience, the man will suggest that Ciça stay away for a while. “Since you can’t live with our differences, it is better to give your father a break, a break for you even, a break from Rio de Janeiro. You wanted to travel so much, maybe it’s time. Who knows? to accept your father better, the way I am, with my quirks, our differences. Now go down and go to work, occupy your mind “, he concludes.

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