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In Family Ties, Pedro attacks Helena: ‘He behaved like a prostitute’


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Pedro (José Mayer) will freak out when he finds out that it was used by Helena (Vera Fischer) in Family Ties. The beautician will admit that she only had sex with the gaucho to get pregnant with a son who may be the marrow donor for Camila (Carolina Dieckmann). Disillusioned, the veteran will become ferocious and offend his beloved: “Behaved like a prostitute”, he will shout.

The decisive conversation of the ex-couple will take place in the next chapters of the reprise of Vale a Pena Ver de Novo. At this point in the plot, the farm administrator will have discovered that he is Camila’s father and will rush to the hospital to tell the girl the truth. However, Yvete’s friend (Soraya Ravenle) will prevent the revelation from happening and will ask to talk to her ex-boyfriend.

Possessed, the lover of Iris (Deborah Secco) “will release the dogs” on the blonde and question the reason why she did not tell that Camila is her legitimate daughter before. Zilda’s mistress (Thalma de Freitas) will explain that she felt abandoned by the boy in her youth and that he broke the deal to marry her when they were both younger.

The machista will not accept the explanations of Fred’s mother (Luigi Baricelli) and will scream at the top of his lungs about his dissatisfaction at having lost his daughter’s growth. Without wanting to, the beautician will betray herself by confessing the reason for having opened her beak after so many years.

“If it were not possible for my son with you to save my daughter, I would not tell you or anyone else. Why would I speak?”, Replied the protagonist of Manoel Carlos’ novel. Frightened, Cínthia (Helena Ranaldi) will not understand the relationship between the new pregnancy and the student.

Used, Pedro will push Helena (Vera Fischer)

Painful truth

Tired of lying, Clara’s former mother-in-law (Regiane Alves) will admit that she got pregnant from Alma’s employee (Marieta Severo) on purpose. “I got pregnant with you because Camila had to have a brother from the same father and mother to try to save her through the baby’s umbilical cord blood”, the esthetician will release.

The macho will become unbalanced and will be mortified when he realizes that Helena did not have sex with him for love. Nervous, he will ask for explanations for the scam, but the character of Vera Fischer will again say that he slept with his cousin just to try to save the life of Edu’s wife (Reynaldo Gianecchini).

“Behaved like a prostitute”, will release the veteran, without measuring his words. “I’ve done worse, if you know what, when they were both small … I without a job, without a mother, without a man … I’ve done everything for the love of them. And there’s no limit to what I can do”, concludes the protagonist .

Pedro will run out of words and throw her on the bed. The cowboy will leave the beautician’s house with a boiling head and a broken heart.

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