In Farm 13, Victor says Rico needs a psychiatrist: ‘It’s not normal’


Victor Pecoraro and Erasmo Viana decided to analyze the behavior of Rico Melquiades after the formation of the farm in A Fazenda 13. This Wednesday afternoon (29), the actor stated that the former MTV must see a psychiatrist. “It’s not normal to do this, there’s no need,” he said.

“The day Rico goes to the farm and is still vetoed from the Farmer’s Test, he will take all the penalties,” said Pecoraro, about the collective punishment that the native of Alagoas took on purpose after taking seven votes. The punishment for pedestrians was to remain 24 hours without gas and without running water.

“He’s very broken. He may have some imbalance, he looks like a sociopath,” suggested Gabriela Pugliese’s ex-husband. “I’m even scared, I swear to God,” completed Viana. “How can a person be so out of control? It’s not possible,” he continued.

Since the morning, the pair had been recalling the moment of fury that Rico had during the night. “He shouldn’t be in the same rage today. He bursts right away and then sees that he screwed up and drops the ball,” analyzed Erasmo. “The worst thing for me is running out of water,” lamented Pecoraro.

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