In Genesis, Joseph interprets Atarum’s macabre dream: ‘Birds will eat your flesh’


José (Juliano Laham) will give a taste of his divine gift before being called by Sheshi (Fernando Pavão) to decipher his dreams in Genesis. After all, the Hebrew will hit the nail on the head of Atarum (Sacha Bali) by interpreting one of his nightmares. “The pharaoh will take his head off, and the birds will eat his meat”, warns the good guy in Record’s biblical novel.

One of the main allies of Apepi (a character that is only mentioned in the story) inside the palace, the villain will poison the monarch’s food, but will miss the dose. Instead of stamping his boots, the nobleman will be embarrassed when he suffers from an intestinal disorder and smudges himself in front of his subjects during an audience.

Enraged, Fernando Pavão’s character will demand that the cook and Shareder (Paulo Verlings) be thrown behind bars in the scenes that will be shown from next Tuesday (12). “What is this face of you two?”, José will be surprised when he sees them waking up in fear.

“We had a dream last night and we can’t understand what the meaning is,” the chief butler will explain. “Don’t all interpretations come from God? Tell me what you dreamed of”, will ask the protagonist played by Juliano Laham.

Suspicious, Herit’s (Yana Sardenberg) husband will look at Atarum, who will nod his head to encourage him to continue:

I saw a vine very close to me, and on it had three branches. From these branches blossomed flowers, and the bunches produced ripe grapes. And Pharaoh’s cup was in my hand. I squeezed the grapes into it and gave it to the king of Egypt. And then? Do you know the meaning of the dream?

Shareder (Paul Verlings) in the biblical novel

Shareder’s Dream

Guided by God, who in the plot is played by Flávio Galvão, José will elucidate the enigma in just a few minutes. “The three branches are three days. Within three days, Pharaoh will exalt you and restore you to your office. You will return to serving your cup, as your cupbearer,” reveals the Israeli, who will then ask a favor of Shareder :

Remember me when everything is working out for you. Have compassion and speak from me to Pharaoh. Take me out of here. I was robbed of the land of the Hebrews and now I am unjustly imprisoned. I didn’t do anything to get thrown into that prison.

Paulo Verlings’ character will barely have time to thank him, as Atarum will interrupt him to ask Judah’s brother (Thiago Rodrigues) to also play a nightmare:

I dreamed that over my head were three white baskets. One of them is full of bread and sweets. Suddenly, some birds arrive there and start eating the food that is in it. There was also a taller basket, full of Pharaoh’s delicacies. And then the birds also started eating everything in it.

record genesis jose juliano laham 5 10 reproducao record In Genesis, Joseph interprets Atarum's macabre dream: 'Birds will eat your flesh'

Joseph (Juliano Laham): divine gift in Genesis

atarum is beheaded

Full of hope, Atarum will ask José if he too will return to the post of chief baker, as will Shareder. The boy, however, will not reveal good news to him in the serials by Camilo Pellegrini, Stephanie Ribeiro and Raphaela Castro.

“The interpretation is this: the three baskets are three days. In three days the Pharaoh will take your head off, hang you on a tree, and the birds will eat your flesh”, the son of Israel (Petronio Gontijo) will shoot.

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