In Genesis, Sheshi is poisoned and passes out in feces in front of the people: ‘Shame’


Atarum (Sacha Bali) will miss his hand by poisoning some honey buns to kill Sheshi (Fernando Peacock) in Genesis. Instead of dispatching the pharaoh to the beyond, the chief baker will only get him to have a bad diarrhea and smear himself in front of several subjects. “Look at the shame I’ve been through”, will shout the monarch in Record’s biblical novel.

In addition to scattering sparrow feathers throughout the palace, the villain will also attack the noble’s life in the serials by Camilo Pellegrini, Stephanie Ribeiro and Raphaela Castro. He, by the way, will manipulate Shareder (Paul Verlings) to get to hit the king of Egypt.

The cook will invent that the batch of sweets will have gone wrong and will ask his colleague to taste precisely those who burned so as not to arouse the anger of the ruler. “Your request is a little strange. If the vizier hears you asking for it, at the very least, it will raise suspicions about the integrity of the food,” questioned Herit’s (Yana Sardenberg) husband.

The chief butler, however, will give his arm to cheer and will taste the delicacies pointed out by Atarum in front of Sheshiin the scenes that will be shown from next Monday (11). But he won’t even imagine that everyone else is impregnated with a toxic substance.

The gentleman will advance on the desserts after seeing that nothing will have happened to Shereder. “Strange taste. It’s different from the others I’ve eaten. Give me another one, I want to be sure about that taste”, will request the lord of the Nile, as he sends another poisoned loaf of honey inside his body.

Atarum (Sacha Bali) in a scene from Genesis

Sheshi suffers from diarrhea

After lunch, Sheshi will go back to seeing some of his subjects in the throne room, but he’ll soon feel a knot in his stomach. “I’m not feeling well. Ask Menkhe [Renato Rabelo] that it distracts the nobles so that I can leave without having eyes on me”, will order the sovereign to Potiphar (Val Perré).

He, however, will be questioned by Adurrá (Ricardo Lyra), who will be in a hurry to arrange his marriage to Asenate (Letícia Almeida). “Great sovereign, I can speak to you. I would like to make a personal request to you,” the vizier will explain.

Caught by surprise, Fernando Pavão’s character will ask the minister to be brief, but he will start talking:

I never wanted to get married. Not just because of the responsibilities I have, believing I wouldn’t have time to fit a wife into my life, but also because I’ve never met anyone who matches me. But now I’ve found a girl who meets my expectations, and my opinion about marriage has changed since I met her…

The jerk, who has kidnapped Pentephres’ daughter (Nando Cunha), will interrupt the speech in front of Sheshi’s faces on the throne. “There was something in those buns,” yells Pharaoh, who won’t have time to get to the bathroom and will smear himself in front of the crowd.

record genesis sheshi fernando pavao apepi 1 10 reproducao tv globo In Genesis, Sheshi is poisoned and passes out in feces in front of the people: 'Shame'

Sheshi (Fernando Pavão) in the biblical novel

Pharaoh condemns Atarum

Red with embarrassment, Sheshi will demand that Potiphar arrest all the kitchen staff to quell some of his fury. “Sir, if the problem had been with the food, the butler would have been ill too”, will argue the military. “Yes. If it were the delicacies, we would all have a loose belly,” Adurrá will add.

Sitting in a latrine, Kamesha’s husband (Kizi Vaz) will blow up and order at least Atarum and Shereder to be responsible for the vexation:

How then do you explain to me what happened to me? Look at the shame I went through in front of everyone. Now, I’m going to be a laughing stock throughout Egypt. Do your job, Potiphar. I want the butler and the baker punished. Throw the wretches into jail. And I want them to be forgotten there for all eternity.

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