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In Haja Coração, Jessica discards Carmela as garbage: ‘More tacky than the lame’


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Jessica (Karen Junqueira) will discard Carmela (Chandelly Braz) as if it were a piece of garbage in Haja Coração. Shirlei’s evil sister (Sabrina Petraglia) will receive her share of the deal to put the youngest in jail and will be given a beating of insults in the Globo soap opera as a toast. “More tacky than the lame”, will make fun of Felipe’s ex-fiancee (Marcos Pitombo).

While Francesca’s protected daughter (Marisa Orth) will be suffering in a dirty police cell, the aspiring model will find Victoria’s partner (Betty Gofman) in a restaurant.

“I don’t understand, you didn’t make Shirlei take that statue just to have my sister’s fingerprints? Why now you decided to make her disappear?”, The scammer will ask. “Carmela, you can see that you didn’t study in good schools, right? Your reasoning is so precarious”, will disdain Jessica.

“Look here, look. The rest of the money. In this other envelope is the contract with the modeling agency, you sign, go to the address inside that they will take care of your career”, warns the villain. “I already know. You will use the statue as another card, right?”, Will understand the former lover of Adônis (José Loreto). “Oh, at last the plug has fallen”, the evil one will mock.

“Felipe won’t even believe that Shirlei is a thief, that she beat you. And he won’t let her go either because of this story. But you have an asset … If this statue appears, Shirlei’s life complicates”, he will find out Carmela.

“You are much less stupid than I thought. If Shirlei is accused only for theft, she will pay a fine, tomorrow or later she will be free. Now, if the statue appears with her fingerprints, then she will be really arrested . You can get from four to ten years in jail “, explains the repressed patricinha. “And how are you going to use this asset, may I know?”, Asks Carmela.

“Well, that is no longer your business. Now, do me a favor? Take this money that is there, treat this hair, this skin, everything. Because I think you are even more tacky than your sister manca “, will humiliate the rich. “Forget me, Carmela, pretend you never met me”, will close the ordinary. “Disgusting!”, The marketer will release, counting the money cakes.

Felipe will console Shirlei in prison

Summary of chapters

Second, 2/22 (Chapter 115)
Tancinha tells Apolo that he needs to talk to Beto. Beto fears Tamara’s behavior. Carmela worries about Shirlei. Camila believes that Giovanni did not blow up the Grand Bazzar. Safira decides to show Lucrécia what Agilson does when he goes out at night.

Penélope scolds Rebeca for the proposal she made to Aparício. Leonora and Adonis kiss. Shirlei is intimidated when entering the cell at the police station. Jessica testifies against Shirlei. Felipe despairs when he learns that his girlfriend has been arrested.

Giovanni takes Camila to a poor community. Jessica plays the victim to the deputy when she meets Shirlei. Camila gets emotional with a family from the community. Lucrécia and Safira wait for Agilson to leave the house. Leozinho suggests that he and Fedora run away. Felipe looks for Jessica. Beto hears Apolo say that he will marry Tancinha.

Tuesday, 2/23 (Chapter 116)
Tancinha tries to calm Beto. Apolo guarantees that he will find out what happened to him the night before his wedding. Felipe tells Jessica that he will prove Shirlei’s innocence. Guido suspects that Vitória has armed against Shirlei.

Carmela is afraid of Adonis. Beto asks Tancinha to marry him. Leozinho organizes his escape with Fedora. Safira and Lucrécia follow Agilson. Tancinha warns that she will marry Beto and Apolo is devastated. Giovanni takes Camila to volunteer at a church.

Jessica delivers the payment to Carmela. Felipe visits Shirlei at the police station. Camila is moved by the homeless. Fedora and Leozinho flee in Aparício’s car. Lucrécia discovers Agilson’s secret. Apolo accepts Tamara’s proposal. Guido goes to the police station to talk to Shirlei and finds Tancinha.

Wednesday, 2/24 (Chapter 117)
Tancinha almost recognizes Guido. Shirlei is surprised by the visit of Felipe’s stepfather. Apolo decides to give Tamara a chance. Aparício discovers that Fedora and Leozinho have fled. Lucrécia and Safira hide from Agilson. Camila tells Aparício the truth about Leozinho. Aparício distrusts Agilson’s investigation of Leozinho.

Fedora sends a video to his father about his escape. Leonora is surprised by the repercussions of her commercial. Tancinha talks about Guido to Francesca. Shirlei is afraid of the other inmates. Nilton tries to speak to Nair, but she walks away. Leonora is unable to tell Adonis that she is not an actress. Agilson is rude to Rebeca.

Jessica blackmails Felipe. Bruna catches Giovanni on the phone with Camila. Isabel tells Tancinha and Beto that the judge is evaluating Dulce’s request for adoption. Tamara learns that Giba has made a serious accusation against her.

Thursday, 2/25 (Chapter 118)
Apolo tries to reassure Tamara, who was denounced by Giba for the accident at the race track. Beto tells Tancinha that he asked for custody of Carol and his brothers. Guido confesses to Aparício his regret for having stayed away from his children and warns that he will do everything to free Shirlei. Felipe surrenders to Jessica’s blackmail to leave Shirlei free from prison.

Aparício tells Agilson that he will give Rebeca one last chance to give up getting married for money. Henrique announces Leonora’s success in his commercial. Agilson fainted when he heard that the police found Fedora and Leozinho. Tancinha receives praise from the dance teacher, and Paloma doesn’t like it. Aparício, Lucrécia, Safira and Agilson are frightened when they see Teodora.

Friday, 2/26 (Chapter 119)
Teodora explains that she was saved by Epaminondas and announces that he will live in the mansion. Bruna pretends to be Camila’s friend. Blackmailed by Jessica, Felipe breaks up with Shirlei. Lucrécia tells Teodora that Fedora has been kidnapped.

Isabel informs Apolo that Dulce was authorized by the court to walk with Bia. Tamara fears that the race track scandal could harm Apollo in gaining custody of Carol and the brothers. Leozinho manages to convince Fedora not to come home.

Epaminondas demands that Theodora reveal to the family that they are married. Giovanni worries when Camila says that Bruna visited her. Beto tells Isabel that he and Tancinha invited her to dinner. Aparício demands his rights for Teodora. Rebeca looks for Aparício and is surprised to see Teodora and Cicinho in the mansion.

Saturday, 2/27 (Chapter 120)
Aparício tries to explain himself to Rebeca, who accuses him of being a traitor. Nair fears to see that Nilton recognized her. Penélope tries to convince Rebeca that Aparício just wanted to show her the value of love. Rebeca tells her friends that Teodora is alive. Felipe asks Henrique for help to set a trap against Jessica.

Francesca encourages Nair to tell her children the truth about the adoption. Guido advises Aparício to bring justice against Teodora. Renan encourages Adonis to reveal to Leonora that he is not an international model.

Strange little girl when she sees Professor Thiers’ order being taken to the Grand Bazzar and decides to investigate. Shirlei tells Felipe that he feels he still loves her. Tancinha confronts Aparício and Guido.

Haja Coração chapters are provided by Globo and are subject to change without notice.

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