In Império, José Alfredo swallows a DNA test and vomits on top of Cristina: ‘Your father’


José Alfredo (Alexandre Nero) will set up a real circus when opening the results of Cristina’s (Leandra Leal) paternity test in Império. In front of the whole family, the commander will swallow the paper even before reading if he is the girl’s biological father. When Cora’s niece (Drica Moraes) is certain that it was all a coup to preserve the Medeiros heritage, she will be surprised by the proposal to be adopted by the businessman.

“I just want everyone to know that the result of this exam here, for me, has no validity at all”, the protagonist will say in the scene that will air from next Tuesday (6). In front of everyone, José Alfredo will start tearing up the DNA test result. “I knew he was going to outsmart us…”, Cora will react, desperate, as the Commander sticks the pieces of paper in his mouth.

Cristina will be irritated by all the confusion in the company’s meeting room. “I’m sick and tired of all this. Do you want to make fun of my face? You’re a clown, pretty rampant, on the side of the road. For me this circus is over”, will drop.

“I think it’s good for you to change your mind about me, young lady. Because my intention is to be your father. That’s right, adoptive father”, will reveal Maria Marta’s husband (Lilia Cabral).

Chapter summary

Second, 5/7 (Chapter 73)
José Alfredo returns home and Maria Marta provokes him. José Alfredo forces Maria Marta to talk to him. Cristina argues with Vicente. Victor asks Tuane to come to his house for dinner again. Cristina doesn’t answer Fernando’s phone call.

Maria Isis remembers her symbolic wedding on Mount Roraima. José Alfredo searches Maria Marta’s room looking for her pink diamond. Du listens to the conversation between Maria Marta and José Alfredo and tells João Lucas.

Maria Clara reveals to José Alfredo that Maria Marta made a pact with her and her brothers. Maurílio calls Maria Marta. Tuane argues with Cora. Beatriz questions Claudio about the future of her marriage. Maria Marta agrees to help José Alfredo on condition that he end his romance with Maria Isis.

Tuesday, 6/7 (Chapter 74)
José Alfredo tells Maria Marta that he’s not going to separate from Isis. Claudio tells Isis about the opening reception of the new restaurant. Cora asks Vicente to invite her to the opening of the new restaurant. Jairo discovers that Cora can become a millionaire.

Antoninho and Reginaldo recognize each other from their mining days. Merival tells José Alfredo that he could be demoralized if Maurílio’s accusation is discovered. The result of the DNA test arrives. Fernando hears Cristina and Elivaldo talking about the meeting with José Alfredo and tells Cora.

Maria Marta remembers when she asked Silviano to keep the pink diamond in her house. Cora invades José Alfredo’s room and demands to know the result of the DNA test. José Alfredo destroys the envelope with the result of the DNA test and tells Cristina that he will adopt her.

Wednesday, 7/7 (Chapter 75)
Maria Clara and José Pedro are hostile towards Cristina. Érika confides to Téo that Robertão sought out Giancarlo about a job and the blogger calls the publicist. The doorman charges Leonardo for the overdue bills for the condominium. Orville scolds Carmen.

Maria Marta makes a date with Maurílio. José Alfredo is looking for Maurílio. Orville is considering hiring Lorraine to take care of Salvador. Isis offers to call guests for the opening of the new restaurant and Cláudio points out Maria Marta as one of the first on his list.

Reginaldo thinks of the pink diamond that Antoninho sold to José Alfredo. Maurílio declares war against José Alfredo.

Thursday, 8/7 (Chapter 76)
José Alfredo and Maurílio face off. Maria Clara asks to meet Vicente. Isis helps Antonio close the restaurant. Cora sees Eliane in the bedroom and Cristina and Elivaldo worry about their aunt. Danielle encourages José Pedro to team up with José Alfredo. Du tells João Lucas that he will solve their problems.

Magnolia and Severus take money from Isis’ house. Vincent arranges a meeting with Mary Clara in Santa Teresa. Orville worries about Salvador. Lorraine and Ishmael date. Cora makes plans for the future.

Cristina is dismissed by Vicente and Xana tries to support her. Cristina sees when Vicente meets Maria Clara. José Alfredo is suspicious of Du’s behavior. Maurílio is intrigued by Maria Marta’s attitudes. José Alfredo gets furious when he remembers his conversation with Maurílio.

Friday, 9/7 (Chapter 77)
José Alfredo remembers the doctor who saved his life in the forest and asks Joshua to find him. Silviano takes care of Maria Marta. Cora tells Jairus that she will need him. Cristina sees Vincent and Mary Clara together. Robertão wakes up excited for work.

Beatriz tells Cláudio that Enrico will return to Brazil. Leonardo receives the summons to testify in Claudio’s lawsuit against Téo. Carmen and Orville look for Salvador.

José Alfredo sends Cristina to the Império jewelry store. Cora deceives Pietro. Erika looks for Robertão at home. Joshua finds Espinoza. José Alfredo talks to Maria Marta about Maurílio.

Saturday, 7/10 (Chapter 78)
Maria Marta tells José Alfredo that she’s going to help him face Maurílio. Josué tells the Commander that Espinoza is on his way to Rio de Janeiro. Elivaldo prevents Tuane from taking Cristina’s place at the camelódromo. Fernando charges Cristina his fee as a lawyer.

Vicente demands that everyone in Xana’s house attend the opening of the new restaurant. Cristina has a fit of jealousy when she sees her ex-boyfriend on the street. Fernando threatens Cora. José Alfredo says that Cristina will work on the board of the jewelry store Império e Maria Clara does not react well.

Juliane thinks about working as a salesperson and Xana supports her. Erika watches Robertão’s photo shoot. Maria Isis calls Maria Marta and invites her to the opening of Vicente’s restaurant. Enrico returns to Brazil. Espinoza meets José Alfredo.

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