In Império, Maria Isis plucks Cora off José Alfredo by the hair: ‘Pervert’


Maria Isis (Marina Ruy Barbosa) will drag Cora (Marjorie Estiano) by the hair away from José Alfredo (Alexandre Nero) this week in Império. The bitch will go beyond all limits by demanding a night of sex with the Commander in the “sweet child” bed. “We have to fix this pervert”, will snort the redhead in the 9:00 pm soap opera on Globo.

The villain will discover that the businessman is hiding in his lover’s house in the scenes that will be shown next Friday (24) in Aguinaldo Silva’s serials. She will break into the apartment, steal a kiss from the “man in black” and even bite your lips.

She will also pull a cell phone out of her purse to take a photo of José Alfredo, who will quickly be able to take the device from her hand. “You can keep it as a souvenir of the day I outsmarted you. It’s in my e-mail. You need the password,” the viper will sneer.

Cora’s screams will catch the attention of Maria Isis, who will fly in her hair to stop her from kissing the protagonist played by Alexandre Nero. “What’s that? Let go of my man. Leave him alone or I’ll break you all,” the young woman will threaten.

“Enough! Isis, go inside”, will demand the owner of the Empire, to avoid further confusion. “Franguinha, he knows there’s no way out. He’ll have to catch me right now, and it’ll be in his bed. Or I’ll go around and show that photo to God and the world, including Téo Pereira [Paulo Betti]”, will promise Cristina’s aunt (Leandra Leal).

Marina Ruy Barbosa’s character will retreat to ask Josué (Roberto Birindelli) for help. “She managed to bust Zé. The damage is done, we have to find a way to contain this pervert. She is like a dog in heat, trading the photo in exchange for a night of love. And the worst part is , in my bed,” he will say over the phone.

“The snake is climbing the walls like a gecko. But I’m climbing there, find a way to open the door for me. If not, I’ll break in,” the driver will advise.

Cora (Marjorie Estiano) in Empire

Week Summary

Second, 9/20 (Chapter 139)
Maria Marta despairs with the revelation of João Lucas. Cristina goes to Maria Isis’ apartment. Maria Marta tells João Lucas about the possibility that José Alfredo is alive. Cristina tells José Alfredo that Maria Marta wants to meet him. José Alfredo reveals to Cristina that Maurílio is not Sebastião Ferreira’s son. João Lucas goes after Maria Isis to discover his father’s whereabouts.

Téo proposes that Lorraine go to Silviano’s house. Reginaldo and Jurema look for clues in Cora’s house, who arrives and finds them in her room. Jurema negotiates with Cora. José Alfredo confesses to Cristina that he distrusts Maria Marta. José Pedro and Maria Clara conspire against Cristina.

Du and João Lucas are waiting for an opening to enter Maria Isis’ building. Amanda invites Leonardo to join her in the Church. Helena asks Orville to open a bank account in Salvador’s name. João Lucas manages to convince Kelly to let him go up to Maria Isis’ apartment.

Tuesday, September 21 (Chapter 140)
José Alfredo gets emotional when he sees João Lucas. Jurema is jealous of Cora. Lorraine invades Silviano’s house. Bruna watches Danielle and Maurílio. José Alfredo asks João Lucas and Du not to tell anyone about his presence. Robertão decides to go to Paris, as Erika doesn’t respond to his marriage proposal.

Felipe goes after Enrico. Lorraine discovers Marta’s secret. José Alfredo says he will marry Maria Isis. Maria Clara asks Vicente to marry him. Ishmael is suspicious of Lorraine’s explanation. Silviano discovers that his memoir album has been stolen. Cristina is obsessed with Marcao. Maurílio suspects that João Lucas knows that José Alfredo is alive. Silviano reveals to Maria Marta that her souvenir album was stolen.

Wednesday, 9/22 (Chapter 141)
Maria Marta despairs when Silviano says that the content of the album was stolen. Lorraine tells Erika what she discovered. Cristina is moved by the invitations to her graduation party. Maria Marta accuses Maurílio of having stolen the album from Silviano’s house.

Jurema tells Cora to clean her house. Felipe watches Enrico. Claudio tells Beatriz that he can forgive his son. Robertão is unable to speak with Erika before traveling. Claudio invites Téo to dinner at his house. Xana overhears Lorraine making a date with Erika.

Maurílio orders Joshua to be followed. Maria Marta surprises Cristina. Jurema and Reginaldo laugh at Cora. Erika discovers that Robertão traveled. José Alfredo thinks about his list of suspects. Maurílio discovers that Josué is in Maria Isis’ house.

Thursday, 9/23 (Chapter 142)
Josué believes that José Alfredo will have to change his hideout. Cora hears Cristina talking to her father. Silviano distrusts Téo, and Maria Marta makes a date with the blogger. Xana suspects that Lorraine is hiding something. Erika goes after Robertão at the airport. Bruna hears a call between Danielle and Maurílio.

José Pedro is jealous of Leonardo. Vicente is bothered by Maria Clara’s call. Reginaldo thinks about Cora. Cristina meets José Alfredo and doesn’t realize she is being followed by Cora. Maria Clara tells Vicente that she’s going to Cristina’s party. Felipe threatens Enrico. Salvador faces Carmen. Helena takes an attitude from Orville. Cristina meets José Alfredo. Cora knocks on Maria Isis’s door and kisses José Alfredo.

Friday, 9/24 (Chapter 143)
Cora faces José Alfredo. Maria Isis argues with Cora and calls Joshua. Cora makes a proposal to the Commander. Cora takes a photo of José Alfredo to prove he is alive. Henchmen in search of the Commander invade Maria Isis’ apartment and gag Batista and Cora. Kelly calls Maria Isis to tell her what happened at her apartment. José Alfredo suspects that Fabrício Melgaço sent the henchmen to Maria Isis’ house.

Cristina’s graduation begins. Cora realizes that her cell phone has been stolen by the thugs. The leader of the gang that invaded the apartment calls Fabricio and talks about the photo on the stolen cell phone. Reginaldo and Jurema demand that Cora continue with her housework. Maurílio receives Cora’s cell phone from a stranger and sees the Commander’s photo.

Erika calls Robertão. Cristina pays tribute to her father at his graduation. Antoninho suggests that José Alfredo hides in the school’s shed. Cristina dances with Vicente. Maria Marta meets Téo. Maria Clara sees Cristina and Vicente almost kissing.

Saturday, 9/25 (Chapter 144)
Maria Clara is bothered by the closeness between Cristina and Vicente. Maria Marta talks to Téo Pereira. Clara gives Vicente an ultimatum. Magnolia misses Robertão and Maria Isis. Beatriz invites Maria Isis to dinner at her house. José Alfredo and Josué help with the preparations for the carnival parade.

Erika and Lorraine arrange a meeting. Téo Pereira asks Maria Marta the name of her first husband and she answers. Maria Marta advises Maria Clara about her relationship with Vicente. Lorraine delivers Silviano’s album to Erika. Maria Clara calls Vicente. Kelly and Batista clean up Maria Isis’ apartment.

José Alfredo and Antoninho talk. Maria Marta reassures Silviano. Robertão does a photo shoot in Paris. Maria Clara and Vicente make up. Carmen and Orville talk. Lorraine asks Xana for a favor. Maria Marta goes to dinner at Claudio’s house and sees Josué’s car.

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