In Jornal Nacional, Globo criticizes investigation against SBT for Copa America


Globo left any rivalry aside and gave space in Jornal Nacional to criticize a possible investigation against SBT for broadcasting Copa América. In this Friday (11)’s edition, William Bonner read a note released by Abert (Brazilian Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters), which expresses “concern” with the suggestion made by the Federal Public Ministry to the States.

“The Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office suggested to the Republic’s attorneys in the States that they will host games that investigate possible violations in the fight against the pandemic by organizers, broadcasters and sponsors of the event,” said the anchor of the newspaper, before reading an excerpt of the statement.

“The note says: ‘Any inspection action directed at the media, which, knowingly, are not organizers and do not have any interference in the event, constitutes a flagrant violation of the broadcasters’ freedom of programming.'”

The demonstration can be considered a kind of “defence” in favor of the competing broadcaster, which aired just one day after SBT released a note pinning Globo.

On Thursday (10), Silvio Santos’ station released a statement in which it left behind the lines that the criticism by employees of the rival to the Copa América in Brazil amidst the health crisis had second intentions. In other words, they only said bad things because the right to show the games on open TV does not belong to Globo.

The editorial read in the journalist SBT Brasil said that the transmission ensures the “democratic plurality of football on open TV”.

“SBT is bringing big events and broadcasting with your face, in your own way, which mirrors Brazilians from all over the country, and always concerned with enhancing football, clubs and sponsoring brands. the tracks of the fair and competitive game, without any protectionism, is giving democratic plurality to football on open TV so that it does not get concentrated.”

Behind the scenes of the competition and at the Palácio do Planalto, criticism from Globo journalists is being seen as an attempt to politicize the Copa America for commercial interests. In fact, Globo’s critical stance, even if not institutionalized, has harmed SBT’s negotiations. So far, Silvio Santos’ network has only sold three of the six sponsorship quotas.

There were those who accused Casagrande, Luis Roberto and Galvão Bueno of hypocrisy, but it is a fact that they also criticized the holding of championships broadcast by Globo. At Bem, Amigos da last Monday (7), Galvão defended himself:

When Brazilian football returned last year, I was against it. When the Copa do Brasil came back last year, our product, I was against it. Why then would I broadcast the game on Friday? I did it and did it with the happiness of playing a game in Brazil, but I also said and said on the broadcast that, for me, I would not be doing it today, I would be doing it later on. I remember saying here [no Bem, Amigos] that the problem was for you to bring these almost a thousand people around. Conmebol took a step back and allowed those who want to stay at home, come [para o Brasil] and play, they can. Argentina has already decided that it will do this. And I want to say something else: if there’s Copa America, I’m going to hope that everything works out. Everyone here has a good head. I will hope that everything works.