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In just 48 hours, Prince Harry found two jobs – ZAP


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Prince Harry of England and American actress Meghan Markle

Prince Harry never had to work in his life to earn his money, but now he has found two jobs in just two days. Thus, he is the new Impact Director in a startup of Silicon Valley that is dedicated to mental health and will “fight” against the fake news no Instituto Aspen.

Harry is on the 15-member panel of the Aspen Institute’s “Commission on Information Disorder”, along with names like Kathryn Murdoch, the businesswoman who is the daughter-in-law of the business tycoon. media Rupert Murdoch, as well as journalists, politicians and teachers.

The Commission’s objective, which will run for six months, is to find solutions to the fake news no digital world present.

In the announcement of the hiring of the Prince for this panel, the Aspen Institute, an international non-profit organization, says that Harry “is a humanitarian, veteran military, defender of mental and environmental well-being“.

The Aspen Institute Commission is financed by the billionaire Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist, a classified ad site that has been widely criticized for being the starting point for the execution of several crimes.

To the 36 years, Harry will thus fight against the “avalanche of disinformation” that is shaking our society, as highlighted by the British royal member quoted by media international standards.

“I believe that this it’s a humanitarian issue and, as such, requires a multi-stakeholder response ”, including“ members of media, academic researchers and government and civil society leaders, ”said Harry.

The Prince says that is “anxious” for starting to work in order to find “solutions to the information disorder crisis”.

Director of Impact in Silicon Valley

However, this job as a “commissioner” is only a part-time, as Harry was also appointed Impact Director of the startup BetterUp, a Silicon Valley company that provides coaching and support for mental health.

This new position, Harry’s first real job, was news after the Prince entrevista a Oprah Winfrey, alongside Meghan Markle, where she revealed that her father has stopped funding him and that he is living on mother’s inheritance Diana.

The couple also spoke of how the pressure of belonging to the Royal Family affected their mental health, in particular Meghan Markle, who assumed that she even thought about suicide.

BetterUp points out that Harry will be its first Impact Director, where he should contribute to making strategic decisions around products and solidarity initiatives.

He is also expected to speak publicly on topics related to mental health, serving as a highly media spokesman.

The company’s CEO, Alexi Robichaux, tells the Wall Street Journal that Harry is going to have “a significant and substantial role” in the company.

In a note on the BetterUp website, the CEO also points out that Príncipe will continue to “educate and inspire”, as he “has been doing for years”, for “the importance of focusing on preventive mental health and human potential”.

“We are encouraged by your model of inspiration and impact through action ”, further points out Robichaux.

“As a true citizen of the world, he dedicated his life’s work to drawing attention to the diverse needs of people everywhere and to advocating mental health initiatives,” he adds.

As examples of the work done by Harry, the CEO cites the Invictus Games, a sporting event for injured or disabled soldiers created by the Prince, and the campaigns he did with young people infected with HIV / AIDS no Lesoto e no Botswana.

A “shared passion”

Harry highlights, also on the company’s website, the “shared passion” with Robichaux to “help others to realize their full potential”.

Praising the work done by BetterUp, the Prince reveals that he himself enjoyed the benefits of coaching provided by the company.

“I discovered, personally, how work with a coach BetterUp is priceless. I was combined as a coach really incredible that gave me good advice and a new perspective ”, he points out.

“As the first Impact Manager at BetterUp, my goal is to raise critical dialogues around mental health, build compassionate and supportive communities, and promote an environment for honest and vulnerable conversations”, stresses Harry, noting that he has the “ hope ”of“Helping people to develop their inner strength, resilience and confidence ”.

Harry further points out that the focus on mental health “unlocks potential and opportunities”. In addition, it points to “Mental resilience” as especially essential, noting that he learned what it truly means and how to shape it in the Royal Navy Commandos.

Recently, it was also news that Harry and Meghan signed millionaire contracts with a Netflix e o Spotify for the creation of exclusive content for the two platforms of streaming through the producer of both, Archewell Audio.

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