In Pega Pega, Sabine sees Dom with Madá in the kitchen and revolts: ‘Smell of fat’


Sabine (Irene Ravache) will revolt when she finds Dom (David Junior) helping Madalena (Virginia Rosa) with the kitchen chores in Pega Pega. The madam will have an attack of fur and will fight with the adopted son. She will also accuse the maid of wanting the boy to be “impregnated by the smell of grease” on Globo’s seven o’clock soap opera.

In the scenes planned to go aired next Tuesday (21) in Claudia Souto’s brochure, Lígia (Angela Vieira) will give a party at home. Even though he is an important guest, Dom will prefer to spend time with his birth mother in the kitchen.

“Oh my son, what are you still doing here? Come back to the party, you’re invited. If you stay here, you’ll get these beautiful clothes dirty. Look how elegant you are, you’re beautiful”, will worry Cristóvão’s ex-wife (Milton Gonçalves). “I just can’t accept you continuing to work,” the young man will say.

“If I stop working, what will I live on?”, asks Dilson’s mother (Ícaro Silva). The entrepreneur will say that the parents could retire: “Even because I can afford a house for you. I would be so much calmer and happier if I could provide a better life for you.”

Virginia Rosa’s character will ask them not to talk about this subject and will claim that she has a lot of work. The boy will offer to help set up the dishes, and Sabine will walk into the room and catch him. “Dom? I don’t believe it. Did you leave the room to come work here in the kitchen? Drop what you’re doing now”, will demand the thrust.

Madalena, Dom and Sabine in the soap opera scene

tense discussion

The good guy will explain that he was just helping Madalena. “I already told him to go back to the living room”, the maid will advise, embarrassed. “I doubt it. What she really wants is for you to forget about the great businessman who is to stay in the kitchen beside her being impregnated by the smell of grease”, the rich woman will fire.

“Mom, that’s enough! Stop it, go back to the living room”, the manager will ask. “I’ll come back, yes. And you’ll come with me”, will send Eric’s partner (Mateus Solano). “My son stays where he feels best”, retorts Lígia’s employee.

“My son knows that the best place for him is in the living room, after all this is a business dinner”, complains the character of Irene Ravache. “He can already choose for himself,” the maid will retort.

“Dom, will you come with me to the living room to receive our client or will you stay here in the kitchen beside her?”, the bitch will provoke. Maria Pia’s mother (Mariana Santos) will appear and say that the guests are listening to the discussion in the other room.

“Dom, are you going to stay here with her or are you coming into the living room with me?” Sabine will insist. Divided between the two mothers, the boy will decide: “Neither. I’m leaving”.

Lígia will try to make the manager stay at the party, but he will refuse. “With this atmosphere, it’s not possible to continue this dinner. Apologize to the guests, please”, he will say, before leaving the place.

Madame will not miss the opportunity to humiliate Magdalene once more. “Did you realize what you’re doing? You’re leaving my son confused, not knowing where his place is in the world”, will nudge the rich woman. “I didn’t want him to leave,” the maid will claim.

Pega Pega (2017) won a “special edition” to fill the hole left after the final stretch of Salve-se Quem Poder. Como Mais Vida, Melhor, the next unpublished soap opera in the 7pm range, was postponed because it is being recorded with security protocols that slow down the execution process.

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