In Secret Truths, Anthony becomes a pimp and finds a client for Giovanna: ‘Already accepted’


In Verdades Secretas, Anthony (Reynaldo Gianecchini) will play the pimp and find a client for Giovanna (Agatha Moreira) to make a pink book for sport like Kika. In Globo’s eleven o’clock soap opera, the model will act behind Fanny’s (Marieta Severo) back, and Alex’s daughter (Rodrigo Lombardi) will accept the program without hesitation. “I’ve already agreed,” the teenager will say.

In the scenes that will air from September 29th, the minor will work drugged at the reception of an event and will not waste time making over guests, even touching the bottom of one of them.

“Welcome, cat. Look, don’t forget to get the raffle password from that little boy over there at the bar, see?”, Fanny’s employee will say, all soft and soft. “Gi, there’s no flag. You’re too happy,” the gigolo will reproach, covertly. “Hey, isn’t it a vodka launch? I’m selling happiness!”, the newcomer will say.

The model will have taken money from Giovanna’s father with a promise to get away from the heiress, but it will all be a lie. The crooks couple will continue dating on the sly, and the rebel will continue prostituting herself for pleasure to raise more money for them to flee to Milan.

“Hold on, come here. There’s a guy who came to talk to me for the pink book. For tomorrow afternoon, it pays well. Will you?”, the veteran will ask. “Which one?”, the spoiled woman will ask.

“It’s in the bar. The one with the white hair”, will reveal Alex’s unloved “son-in-law”. “I’ve already agreed. I like it,” the girl will advise. “Stop making me jealous”, will counter the character played by Reynaldo Gianecchini.

Then Fanny will arrive at the event and fight Anthony for having a chat with Giovanna. “Who do you want to kill you? Me or Alex? You know you can’t go near that perguette,” the agent will say sharply. “Fanny, I love you!”, the abused will mock.

“You saw it. The girl is too happy. She must have taken something. I was afraid of giving shit”, explains Fábia’s son (Eva Wilma). “If shit goes down, I’ll fix it! Don’t spoil things. You promised Alex you wouldn’t go near his daughter,” the boss will remember.

“Relax, Fanny. Giovanna threw me in the face that is now with Daniel [Christian Villegas]”, will lie the bad character. “Fine. One less problem”, will understand the cafetina.

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