In the ‘BBB 21’, Sarah Andrade is eliminated with 76.76% of the votes


A month ago, viewers of Big Brother Brasil 21 would never have imagined a wall between Sarah, Juliette and Rodolffo. That’s because, at the beginning of reality, the marketing consultant was a friend of both. However, in the past few weeks, Sarah Andrade has distanced herself considerably from Juliette, isolating her sister. With the countryman, Sarah faced a dilemma. When he became a leader, Gil talked to the marketing consultant about the possibility of recommending Rodolffo to the wall.

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Sarah quietly tried to convince the economist to change his mind. Unsuccessfully, she did not mention the possibility of nomination for the sertanejo, who interpreted this as betrayal.

In the open vote on Sunday, 28, Sarah, who was wearing a white bracelet, started the dynamic, which ended with the indication of the three walled. On the night of Tuesday, 30, Tiago Leifert announced the result: Sarah was the eighth eliminated from BBB 21, with 76.76% of the votes.