In the Emperor’s Times: Batista leaves Lota to fall for Lupita’s coup


Batista (Ernani Moraes) will leave Lota (Paula Cohen) at home to go out on the gang with Lupita (Roberta Rodrigues) in Nos Tempos do Imperador. Interested in the coconut candy seller, the stallion will insist on taking her to Quinzinho’s casino (Augusto Madeira), without suspecting that she just wants his money.

The farmer will play his charm this thursday (16). Interested in a moment alone with the girl, Batista will arrive at the door of the joint and buy all of Lupita’s delicacies to convince her to accompany him.

Smart, the character played by Roberta Rodrigues will accept the gallantry to try to get something more out of the veteran. As seen in the serial, the girl has already made Batista lose his fortune at the casino’s roulette wheel.

Nélio (João Pedro Zappa) will also be there and catch his father with Lupita. “You around here?”, will disguise Batista, embarrassed. “Are you alone?” the boy will ask. Tonico (Alexandre Nero) will take a good look at Lupita and release it with acidity: “It’s well accompanied,” he’ll say.

“I’m talking about Mom,” Nelio will correct. The farmer will say that Lota fell into a deep sleep after dinner: “You know how she gets after hitting three plates…”, he will release the rogue.

“See, what a beauty marriage is, Nélio?” Batista will be irritated with the suspicion and will throw his son off with a request: “Now, forget you saw me here. Excuse me,” he finished, going with Lupita towards the casino’s roulette wheel.

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