In the Emperor’s Times: Germana shares a coffin with Licurgo and becomes a lost soul


Germana (Vivianne Pasmanter) will not rest even after her death in In Times of the Emperor. Run over by a train and reduced to pieces, she will be forced to share the coffin with Licurgo (Guilherme Piva). The cheaters, however, will rise from the tomb like lost souls to haunt Quinzinho’s (Augusto Madeira) casino in Globo’s six o’clock soap opera.

The crook will take advantage of a charity auction at the gaming house to steal Teresa Cristina’s (Leticia Sabatella) jewelry. During the escape, she will even manage to outwit Borges (Danilo Dal Farra), but will keep her foot on the railway line in Alessandro Marson and Thereza Falcão’s serials.

With a train coming her way, the crook will deliver the valuable pieces to her husband and beg him to escape in the scenes that will be shown from next Saturday (18). He, however, will refuse to abandon her. “I love you”, will shout Licurgo, in his final words.

“Is it a coffin just for the two of them?”, will wonder Lupita (Roberta Rodrigues) at the funeral of the imposters. “There’s very little left. The hand of one, the foot of the other. I’m terrible with a puzzle. Poor things, the train ended them,” will lament Quinzinho.

“And with the empress’s jewels! The casino’s reputation is being buried together. Cursed old men,” complains Clemencia (Dani Barros). “Don’t keep cursing, they’re still around here. The souls haven’t gone to the Beyond yet,” the coconut candy seller will warn.

Germana and Licurgo have a tragic end

Clemência will awaken Germana from her eternal sleep by preventing Quinzinho from burying her with the shoe he stole from Carlota Joaquina (Débora Olivieri) in Novo Mundo (2017). “Wait, this must be worth something. Give me this here, let’s sell it,” he will warn her, who will be pushed into the grave by a supernatural force.

Laughing, Vivianne Pasmanter’s character will appear as a spirit only to viewers. “Let go of it, let’s go. The light is calling us”, will beg Licurgus, pointing to the sky.

“Who said I’m going? Leave this light. Let’s stay here until we find a couple who have their foot in the grave. When they hit their boots, we enter their bodies”, will suggest the scammer. “This idea is wonderful! We are like cockroaches. We will never end”, will celebrate the bad character.

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