In the Ilha Record final, Nadja accuses Lucas: ‘Everything he does is for marketing’


Nadja Pessoa didn’t miss the chance to snipe Lucas Selfie during the Ilha Record final this Thursday (9). The influencer said that she does not intend to be friends with the presenter and also stated that all of the opponent’s actions are designed to attract media attention: “Everything he does is for entertainment, for marketing”.

Sabrina Sato took advantage of the last meeting with the season’s participants to ask some questions about the events that marked the reality show. Nadja and Lucas’ rivalry was one of the highlights of the attraction. The two led several fights, and the former Panico even accused his rival of being homophobic.

“The whole of Brazil wants to know: was that real hug that passed, did it seal peace between you?”, asked the presenter. “It was marketing, right, guys. Then he said things, said he’s going to do a pix, he said: ‘I’m going to do a pix for you to do therapy’, and he said other heavy things. Everything he does is more for entertainment, for marketing,” replied the blonde.

Next, Nadja stated that she does not intend to be friends with the presenter. “I don’t want to, I want to be around people who truly like me.”

Lucas also talked about his relationship with the influencer. “Health, success and distance. She’s in her corner, and I’m in mine. I don’t wish her anything bad, we tried, we were kind of brotherly there for a while. I think out here the two lost a little hand with some comments. But it’s not a person I want in my life, it doesn’t fit,” he explained.

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