In the Times of the Emperor: Actress tells how painting changed Zayla’s appearance in phase 2


In In Times of the Emperor, Zayla is capable of anything to be with Samuel (Michel Gomes). Its interpreter, Alana Cabral, spoke about the experience of living the child villain in Globo’s six o’clock soap opera. She, who will pass the baton to Heslaine Vieira in the second phase of the plot, said that her colleague even changed the appearance of her house a little.

During a chat with reporters Luíza Leão and Guilherme Machado at Novelive promoted by TV news this Monday (30), the actress said that Heslaine added a mole to her face to look like her.

The actress and phase change is expected to take place in Chapter 37, which will air on September 20th. The 14-year-old detailed what happened during the recording of the serial:

I was very happy when I heard that she was going to put on the dot. So much so that, in the first days of recording, I asked if they weren’t going to put on makeup [para esconder]. Until the day they arrived to take pictures of my spots. Then Heslaine sent me a picture of her putting it on. I thought it was amazing, I had never seen it, and she was more like me. I felt really honored because they usually prioritize the biggest actors.

Alana also talked about her joy in sharing the character with her friend and how the two exchanged cards backstage. “Heslaine is a very studious and wise actress. She came on set to take a look, talk to me a little, talk about Zayla’s ways. It was very essential for us. I love her, she’s super affectionate”, melted the artist .

Alana also said that she experienced some trouble in the recordings. On one occasion, she had difficulty peeing because of her wardrobe.

I was there with my dress, with the microphone. We were in the greatest tension due to Covid-19, alcohol back and forth. Everything was ready to record and I had the urge to go to the bathroom. I started to shake. I went to the farthest bathroom, I didn’t know where it was. I ran and took things off. I almost peed all over the costume, almost dropped the microphone in the toilet.

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