In the Times of the Emperor: Germana plots to sell ‘grandchildren’ as slaves


In Nos Tempos do Imperador, Germana’s (Vivianne Pasmanter) hack will go beyond the limits. Aiming to get rid of the crying of her “grandchildren”, the scammer will plot to sell one of Clemência’s twins (Dani Barros) and Quinzinho (Augusto Madeira) and make the other a slave in the six o’clock soap opera.

In scenes that air on next wednesday’s chapter (8), the casino the merchant is setting up will turn into a real mess. At the place, an atmosphere of “no one sleeps” will be established after the delivery of Clemencia’s twins, which was supposedly done by Pilar (Gabriela Medvedovski). The cries of the newborn couple will irritate Licurgo’s wife (Guilherme Piva).

“What if we sold one of them? Why two?”, the husband will propose to his beloved. “Let’s sell them both right away,” the cheater will order, not thinking about the sadness she might cause the adopted son of Joaquim (Chay Suede) and Elvira Matamouros (Ingrid Guimarães).

“I wanted to keep one to play as a slave”, will lament the coup plotter. The woman will then consider keeping the boy and selling only the girl: “Do you remember how Quinzinho cleaned the pots well? Too bad Elvira was in the way.” Licurgus will agree with his beloved, who will distrust the twins’ paternity.

“You’ll see each one is the son of a different father! This Clemency never deceived me”, will comment the lapsed. “I knew a woman who had three babies at once: a white, a black and an Indian,” the septuagenarian will lie.

Foiled plane

At another time, cheaters will take advantage of a gap in the absence of parents to steal the babies. “Must be this [a menina] which is the face of Clemência, it must be useless”, will comment Germana.

The casino owner will surprise the crooks. “What are you doing with my children?” Clemencia will shout. The duo will start humming lullabies to the “grandchildren”, but will not convince the parents.

“What do you think? That we were going to sell a baby to a woman Licurgo knows?”, will deliver the lapsed one, who will be kicked in the shin by Guilherme Piva’s character. While the mother of the twins will tear the children from the arms of the scammers.

“You sent me to the foundling circle when I was a baby! And it wasn’t for my mother, the great Elvira Matamouros to have saved me”, Quinzinho remembers, and Clemencia will forbid the pair to go near the babies.

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