In the Times of the Emperor: Teresa takes ‘scorpion from her pocket’ to play Pilar


Teresa Cristina (Leticia Sabatella) will pull the “scorpion out of her pocket” to help Pilar (Gabriela Medvedovski) in In Times of the Emperor. Although the royal family is extremely restrained in spending, she will decide to pay for the girl’s studies in the United States. The woman from Bahia will fulfill the biggest dream of her life and will be accepted at a university to study Medicine.

The empress will give the good news this Saturday (11) in the six o’clock soap opera. As seen in the serial, the noblewoman decided to help Pilar achieve her goal abroad, as the university in Salvador would not accept a woman.

“My dear, I was eager to talk to you. You did it! You will be able to fulfill your greatest dream and go to study medicine!”, the Neapolitan will say happily. “Majesty?! II can hardly believe it! Really?! The college in Salvador… have they backed away? Will they accept me as a student? My God!”, Pilar will believe.

“No, Pilar! You’re going to Boston Medical School, in North America”, will explain the wife of Dom Pedro 2º (Selton Mello). The girl will freeze at the story and be speechless. “You dominate English, don’t you?”, the worried “mother of Brazilians” will complete.

little help

Pilar will recover from the good news and nod: “Yes, yes, I learned it at the convent. Oxe, it feels like I’m dreaming! Is this really happening? Pinch me… Sorry… I… I got kind of read“, will confess the girl.

Teresa will be amused by her friend’s reaction and will add that she will go to a renowned college. The character played by Gabriela Medvedovski will come to her senses and remember that she has no money to fund her studies.

The empress will intervene: “Don’t worry. You’ll study with a scholarship, you’ll have accommodation and a stipend to stay there!” The girl will sigh with relief: “Even if I live a hundred years, I’ll be able to thank you for what you and the Emperor are doing for me,” the girl will say.

“What would Brazil be like without our artists, musicians, painters and scientists? You know how important the emperor considers science and education for the future of our country. Now it’s time to sponsor Brazil’s first doctor!” , will conclude Teresa Cristina, satisfied with the help.

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