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Indirect to the author of Amor de Mãe? Actress criticizes deaths of blacks in soap operas


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An interpreter of the suffering Camila in Amor de Mãe, Jéssica Ellen criticized the excessive violence against black characters in the soap operas. “Stop killing us in life and dramaturgy,” she wrote on Instagram Stories on Monday night (5). Netizens pointed out that the post could be an indirect one for the author Manuela Dias, since Lucas (Nando Brandão) was murdered in yesterday’s chapter of the nine o’clock news.

Twitter users agreed to the actress’s publication and soon filled the social network with criticism about the lawyer’s death scene.

“Manuela Dias hates black characters, there is no other explanation. When I thought it was not possible to make the representation in the soap operas worse, they managed to make it even more violent”, complained Alyne Passos.

“Amor de Mãe and Big Brother Brasil: if it is to fill it with black and end them all, better not to have it”, wrote Lola Ferreira. “What was the most pathetic scene of Lucas’ death?” Asked another user identified as @babacuv.

Post made by Jéssica Ellen (Reproduction / Instagram)

The dissatisfaction about how Manuela Dias treats black characters has been occurring on the web for some time, mainly due to the suffering experienced by teacher played by Jéssica Ellen in the plot.

The ordeal of Lurdes’ daughter (Regina Casé) has revolted the public, to the point that the author is charged on social networks for the excess of misfortunes in the young woman’s life.

After the sequence in which Danilo (Chay Suede) revealed to the woman that an edema in the spinal cord would leave her in a wheelchair for an indefinite time, Manuela Dias was even more attacked on the web

The author even tried to justify it. “How do you know when an author loves a character? When he gives the character a chance to show his strength,” she wrote at the time the plot was aired. But his words did not convince part of the viewers, who sparked even racial debates around the history teacher of the booklet.

The image of a black woman in constant distress in prime time reopens wounds in this section of the population, who often will not have the right to a happy ending.

Another point that displeased the public was the lament of Thelma (Adriana Esteves) when she confronted Álvaro (Irandhir Santos) for not doing the combined service between them and ending the daughter-in-law’s life. “Teacher, wheelchair, black, struggling, the queen of overcoming”, it was with these words that the villain defined the young woman, after discovering that she had not died.

Counting on the public’s empathy and indignation, Jéssica Ellen’s demonstration gained support on social networks, and the death of another black man in the plot was not welcomed.

Check out some criticisms from the public:

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