‘It’s not force of expression, it’s xenophobia’, says Juliette after Antonia Fontenelle’s statement – ​​Prime Time Zone


On social networks, the winner of ‘BBB 21’ took a stand and condemned the statements of the influencer

Reproduction/Instagram/julietteWinner of ‘BBB21’ countered statements by the influencer

The champion of the ‘BBB 21Juliette Freire countered Antonia Fontenelle saying that the influencer committed an act of xenophobia when using the term “paraíba” as a criticism of the DJ Ivis, who appeared attacking his partner. On Sunday, 11, when criticizing the behavior of Ivis, Fontenelle said that “these people from Paraíba are a little successful and think they can do anything.” After the publication, the influencer tried to justify herself, saying that she was a “power of expression”. The statement reverberated and Juliette rebutted Fontenelle, saying that it was a case of xenophobia. “It’s not power of expression, it’s xenophobia. There is no such thing as ‘being Paraíba’ and ‘making paraibada’. There is being PARAIBANA/O, which I am very proud of. Get your prejudice out of the way, we’re going to pass it along with our culture and we’re not going to tolerate sexist and xenophobic attitudes anywhere,” said the winner of the reality show.