Jake Gyllenhaal says sex scenes with Jennifer Aniston were pure ‘torture’


Jake Gyllenhaal revealed that doing sex scenes with Jennifer Aniston was pure pain in his career. The two had hot sequels in the 2002 movie For A Sense on Life, and the 40-year-old actor recalled that working on them was embarrassing. “It was torture,” he said.

The revelation came in an interview for the radio program The Howard Stern Show, in the United States, on Tuesday (5). The American star confessed that he had a crush on Jennifer in the past and, when he was cast to live a romantic couple with her in the movies, he experienced the most tense moments of his life.

In the 2002 drama, he gave life to Holden, a young man who has an affair with Justine, Jennifer’s character, a frustrated married woman. The couple’s makeout scenes marked the heartthrob.

“[Filmar as cenas de sexo] it was torture, yes. But it wasn’t torture either. I mean… Come on, it was a mixture of both. Strangely, the love scenes are embarrassing because there are maybe 30 to 50 people watching. It doesn’t turn me on,” he explained.

“Most of the time it’s obviously mechanical. It’s a dance, with you choreographing for a camera. [no clima]. But it’s like a fight scene, you have to choreograph the scenes,” added the actor.

In an interview with comedian Howard Stern, the 40-year-old interpreter also said that the “cushion technique” was used to alleviate the situation, that is, the two used a pillow in their private parts to be able to record the burning sequences.

“I think it was Jennifer’s suggestion. She was very kind to suggest that before we started. She was like, ‘I’m putting a pillow here’ (laughs),” he recalled.

Currently, Gyllenhaal is featured on Netflix. The film O Culpado, starring him, is the most watched on the platform in Brazil and is in second place in the Top 10, behind only the South Korean series Round 6.

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