Jakkanna .. Mahesh .. Jungle Action Adventure


Prime Time Zone, Movie: Director Rajamouli has confirmed that ‘RRR’ is the next project with superstar Mahesh Babu. Since then, there have been many updates on the story and shooting schedules. According to the latest news, it seems that Jakkanna, who has made period dramas, has planned a forest based adventure with Mahesh. We are already in the process of completing the story of the father of Aish kevivijayendra Prasad .. this film have to be prepared to explore a whole new world. Talk about going to this African Jungle Adventure with visuals never seen before in Indian movies. The story set in Forest World will be in a full package of action, thrill and drama. While Rajamouli and Vijayendra Prasad worked on this story in Lockdown, when the film ‘RRR’ is completed .. there is a chance that it will be finalized and go on the sets in the first half of 2022.

Forest Action Adventure is a hitherto untouched subject in Indian cinema. Jakkanna and team are planning to have a tremendous success at the box office by giving a new experience to the audience. When the script of the film, which will be screened as a Pan India project, is locked, it seems that Jungle World will be created virtually after that.