Japan House debuts in SP sports lounge about the Tokyo Olympics


You Tokyo Olympic Games, in Japan, starts this week, after being canceled last year because of the covid-19 pandemic. To celebrate the biggest sporting event in the world, the Japan House Sao Paulo, located on Avenida Paulista, will promote a sports lounge with activities and content related to the Olympic and Paralympic Games.ebc Japan House debuts in SP sports lounge about the Tokyo Olympicsebc Japan House debuts in SP sports lounge about the Tokyo Olympics

Called the Sports Lounge: Tokyo 2020, the event starts tomorrow (20) and runs until September 12th. The lounge will bring sports news and information about the organization of competitions, including new sports, such as surfing and skateboarding, new to the Games, as well as baseball and softball, which return to the Olympic calendar this year. The event will also highlight karate, a modality indicated by the host country. These modalities will have a special space, with mapped projections and TV monitors showing the main movements, maneuvers and moves, as well as relevant content and information so that visitors can learn about their stories, rules and curiosities.

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(Thiago Minoru/Japan House/Agência Brasil)

“We are very excited about the special program we have prepared to promote culture, architecture and design from a sporting perspective, as well as other important issues in society, such as valuing diversity, inclusion and sustainability,” said Eric Klug, president of Japan House Sao Paulo.

The lounge, intended to be a meeting point, was installed on the ground floor of the institution. Visitors to this space will be welcomed by the mascots Miraitowa (a combination of the words mirai and towa, meaning future and eternity), representatives of Olympic athletes, and Someity (resulting from the abbreviated fusion of Japanese and English words, Someiyoshino alluding to a popular variety of Japan cherry tree and to those who possess incredible mental power and physical strength, and so mighty, so powerful), representing Paralympic athletes.

In this space, visitors will find, for example, a video telling about the more than 50 symbols that represent each sport. There is also an area dedicated to Paralympic sports, with the exhibition of some equipment used by athletes to practice sports such as goalball and bocce.

Entry to Japan House is free, but it needs to be scheduled over the internet. Following the protocols in the SP Plan for Covid, the site must receive only 40% of its maximum capacity.

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