Jesus: Summary of today’s chapter, Tuesday, January 12


Check out the summary of the next chapter of Jesus’ reprise, which will air today, Tuesday (12th), in Record:

Petronius orders Terencius to arrest Zelote. Cláudia catches Tadeu in Helena’s room. Deborah looks for Elias. Pilate orders Petronius to make Zealot speak. The apostles try to hide. Betânia worries about Zelote. Shabaka suggests an invasion of the prison.

Elias is questioned by a stranger on the street. Claudia accompanies Tadeu out of the palace. Arimatéia and Tiago Justo meet Elias again. Cassandra recognizes Judas Tadeu. Gabriela finds out about the disappearance of Zelote. Hélio tries to get close to Livona. Zelote is beaten by Roman soldiers. Lazarus asks what Shabaka’s plan is.

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