José in Genesis, Juliano Laham is single: Girlfriend announces breakup


The actress and dentist Raphaela Palumbo announced this Monday (11) that she and Juliano Laham are no longer a couple. “In light of the news that has been circulating in recent days, I would like to say that I no longer have a relationship with Juliano,” said the blonde, who also deleted all her photos with the artist on Instagram.

In recent days, the actor, who plays José in the biblical soap opera Genesis, became the target of a rumor alongside his co-worker Letícia Almeida, who lives Asenate in the plot. They would be living a romance.

The story began with a ride given by the actress to her romantic partner in the soap opera on Record. Raphaela was on a trip, was notified with the request for Letícia’s entry into the condominium and would not have liked the story. The serial’s Asenate denied this hitchhiking story on Instagram. But the actor confirmed the ride, and the story was contradictory.

But the thesis that the two were having an affair was stronger with a video leaked by Léo Dias, from Metrópoles. In the images, a friend of Letícia films the actress talking to her co-worker and bets on the couple.

“I love this novel”, says Letícia’s comadre. In the background, it is possible to hear the actor say: “Only if you allow yourself”, in response to her friend’s shippada.Letícia ended a relationship recently.