Journalist appears smoking live in GloboNews newspaper; watch – Young Pan


Monica Waldvogel explained that her signal had dropped and she didn’t notice when it came back on the air

Reproduction/GloboNews/29.07.2021Mônica Waldvogel appeared smoking on GloboNews’ ‘Em Pauta’

The journalist Monica Waldvogel became a topic on social networks after appearing smoking live during the newspaper “Em Pauta”, from GloboNews, aired on Wednesday, 28. “As I got a lot on your toes and we were well behaved, we have a little quieter time…”, said the presenter Marcelo cosme at the end of the newscast when the journalist appeared on the screen with a cigarette in her hand. Monica’s signal was quickly cut off and, apparently not understanding what had happened, the newspaper’s anchor questioned the production: “Will Monica show up here for me?”. The journalist’s image reappeared on the screen and Marcelo commented: “The signal had dropped, but it came back”.

The video of the moment the journalist appears smoking started circulating on social networks and Mônica responded to a follower on Twitter who joked: “I caught you smoking”. She said that her signal had indeed dropped and she hadn’t realized she was back already. “Now every time I see Monica on GloboNews, I’ll laugh remembering her smoking a cigarette (laughs)”, commented a follower. “GloboNews tried to disguise it, but Mônica Waldvogel appeared live (and full) with her cigarette in her hand. And you want to know? It doesn’t change the wonderful journalist she is at all,” wrote another. See repercussion: