Juliana Paes says she was ‘assaulted’ by an actress and says: ‘I’m not a Pocket Minion’ – Prime Time Zone


The artist was criticized on social media after saying that Dr. Nise Yamaguchi was coerced and interrupted during the CPI of Covid-19

Reproduction Twitter Juliana PaesFollowers speculate that Juliana Paes’ speech was directed at humorist Samantha Schmutz

Juliana Paes used your profile on Instagram on Wednesday night, 2, to counter the criticism she received from another actress after defending the doctor Nise Yamaguchi. She stated that she was “assaulted” by the words of a professional colleague with whom she already acted, but did not mention any names. “Dear colleague, despite having been attacked for your slanderous words, having been invaded by your message at night, having been accused of being cowardly, dishonest, criminal, I was willing to answer you for all the scenes I did. I was thrilled on your side,” he said. Juliana Paes continued by saying that she was always in favor of buying Covid-19 vaccines and the practice of social distancing. “I disagree with you about my position, I’ve talked publicly about wanting vaccines, but I’m not going to do that every day. I was the first to ask people to stay at home, when you weren’t even that worried, but now I don’t feel the right to ask people to stay away from work”, she added.

Next, the actress from Globe criticized the political polarization and stressed that she is not a supporter of the president Jair Bolsonaro (no party). “You criticize my choice not to military publicly, taking political sides in this entire debate, so let me tell you what I think. We are living through one of the darkest moments. The whole world is distressed. Any subject is politicized. It’s a Manichaeism. I am not a Pocketminion, as they love to believe. I do not accept being placed in either of these two poles. I don’t want to contribute to this unhealthy polarization. Not in this dark moment, where hate reverberates most. You are either this or that. That does not exist. We are multiple”, he concluded.

On the internet, followers speculate that the speech was directed at the actress Samantha Dirt. The two acted together in “Totalmente Demais” as sisters Dorinha and Carolina. Soon after Juliana Paes defended that the doctor Nise Yamaguchi was coerced and interrupted during her testimony of the CPI to Covid-19, the comedian published: “People, who isn’t talking isn’t because they’re on the fence. It’s because it’s on the other side of the wall. The side that makes you ashamed to be. That is why it is silent”. Samantha Schmutz’s name reached the trending topics of Twitter after the episode, but the actress did not comment on the matter. See the full video with Juliana Paes’ statement: