Juliette makes an unusual request to Fiuk for post-BBB21; know which


Juliette Freire got excited in the chat with Camilla de Lucas and Fiuk at dawn this Tuesday (4). The three finalists spent time talking about plans for the post-BBB21. The lawyer then took the opportunity to ask Fiuk to tell him about his first sexual intercourse as soon as he left the house.

“I had a conversation about chastity with him [Fiuk] and he said that it really is a very evolved business, very energetic. So he’s in the process of chastity, “said the Paraiba.” But it ends tomorrow, right, “said the musician.

Excited about the subject, the makeup artist made the unusual request to her brother. “Sorry, but you tell me how … because it will be very fast,” she said. “Yeah, I’m going to give a kiss and ‘ahh'”, joked Fiuk, who added: “If not [rápido], I will speak too. “

Also during the conversation with the two confined, Juliette was also concerned about the repercussions of her passage through the program. “I am very afraid of what will happen after here. I am going to need you a lot with me. I am afraid of what people can do badly,” she assumed.

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