Karol Conká on the wall: Singer breaks the stick with Carla Diaz and even packs


The dawn of this Sunday (7) was chaotic and marked by discussions at BBB21. Karol Conká, for now, is on the wall after being nominated by Gilberto Nogueira, who answered the second big phone of the week. During the night, the rapper still packed and threatened to give up on reality after fighting with Carla Diaz.

Karol starred in an argument with the actress out of jealousy of Arcrebiano de Araújo, with whom the owner of the hit Tombei has an affair inside the house. During the Holi Festival party, which took place between Saturday night (6) and Sunday morning (7), the singer talked to some participants about the model’s behavior.

Arthur Picoli commented to the singer that Carla had not yet answered about the arrow he gave the actress. “So she doesn’t want to,” replied Karol about the possibility of the crossfit instructor engaging in a romance with Carine’s interpreter in A Força do Querer. In the sequence, the rapper said that only she was after Bil. “I don’t need a half man,” he emphasized.

In conversation with Lumena Aleluia, Karol returned to show discontent with his affair. Despite saying that her focus is her career and the reality show award, she mentioned that Carla was behind Arcrebiano. “I’m going to catch her tomorrow”, threatened the singer.

The actress was shot by Arthur again at the Holi Festival party and, during a conversation with her brother, she asked him to be calm. Soon after, Carla was surprised by the rumor that she was hitting on Bil.

In the colorful room, the blonde commented on the situation with Projota and asked the singer’s opinion. “I didn’t see anything,” said the rapper. “This is mean because it never existed,” she explained.

While some participants slept in the room, Karol “invaded” the room to confront Carla. The singer accused the artist of having made her skull for the other sisters, so that she would come out as the jealous of the story.

At various points during the discussion, the rapper told Carla to be silent and made fun of her profession. “It’s not Chiquititas here, I’m not a soap opera, ask me a question, be quiet,” said Karol. “They are accusing me of something I didn’t do,” said the blonde.

After the discussion, the singer became angry and decided to pack her bags to leave the program. “I don’t want to stay, I don’t want to stay anymore, I don’t want to, I’m tired already, it’s a lot of bullshit over me, it’s people using my name, it’s people using my image, people pretending to like it”, she vented. Camilla de Lucas and Fiuk tried to talk to her to prevent the exit, but she seemed adamant.

Despite the moment of excited emotions, Karol remained in the house and is now on the wall. The situation could still be reversed, as the last big phone of the week will play today, at 6 pm, and could be decisive. The brother who answers the call will place one of the immigrants on the wall and immunize one of the walled up by the first two calls.

Career at risk

Outside the house the singer is seen as the villain of the game. In addition to losing popularity with the public, the attitudes within reality reflected in his career.

Karol was cut from the rap festival Rec-Beat. She had left a recorded show before joining the Globo program, but the organization of the event, which will take place on February 14, remotely, chose not to show her presentation.

The program Prazer, Feminino presented by the rapper and Marcela McGowan would be shown on TV by GNT, but the channel decided to suspend the exhibition. The program debating issues from the universe of women debuted on YouTube on the GNT channel in October 2020.