Karol Conká says that ‘big people’ from ‘BBB 21’ spoke to her in the confessional; watch – Young Pan


Singer said she heard in the confessional that she has ‘good qualities’ and that she only had an imbalance

Playback / GloboKarol Conká said that he had a conversation in the confessional with important people from ‘BBB 21’

When the weather in “BBB 21”Seems to be easing, a new controversy arises. This time, a chat at the gym between Karol Conká, Negotiable on e Arthur is what caught the attention of the public who spends the day on pay-per-view. During the conversation, the singer hinted that she received information from the reality director at the confessional about her performance in the game. “Great and important people from the program who said to me: ‘We look at you and see good qualities. Do not be reduced to one thing, to a day of imbalance, that everyone is subject to spend here ‘”, said Karol to his confinement partners. Soon after, she seemed to regret what she had said and changed her speech: “I’m talking about the psychologist I spoke to”.

The question raised by the public is that the rapper, who received the nickname of Jaque Patombá on social media to prevent his name from being engaged, was not talking about a “BBB 21” psychologist, especially because she begins her speech by saying that she has spoken with more than an important person in reality. A lot of people remembered the conversation Boninho had with Projota so he wouldn’t give up on the program. In the conversation that ended up being leaked, the director of the attraction said that with the withdrawal of Lucas, the atmosphere in the house would improve. Karol is the most controversial participant in the edition and in two weeks of playing she has fallen out with Juliette, Lucas Penteado, Arcrebiano, Carla diaz e Gilberto.