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Karthika Deepam Serial: You chose your mother not to talk to you .. Karthik who is not me .. – karthika deepam serial april 1st 2021 episode Karthik and Deepa get into a heated argument over their children.


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Karthika Deepam Serial: Deepa has come so far .. she has faced this difficulty .. she has been struggling day and night .. she has lost her health to raise her sons as Dr. Babu’s daughters. Children are all yours ..

Karthika Deepam

Karthika Deepam Serial: It is not an exaggeration to say that there will be no Karthika Deepam fan in Telugu films in the country and abroad. It will be 7.30 pm from commoners to celebrities. They will reach in front of the TV screens. This serial is so impressive. Let’s take a look at the highlights today ..!

Deepa came so far .. faced this difficulty .. struggling day and night .. deteriorating her health to raise her daughters as Dr. Babu’s daughters. The lamp that lives with all the hopes of the children is yours .. Now you come and you want your daughters .. That means it will start .. It will be lonely .. Then who will live for… says Murali Krishna .. Karthik comes to his senses with this. That’s not what I asked .. why didn’t you tell our seller after you saw the lamp .. he says. Didn’t really say .. says Murali Krishna .. Deepa scolded him. That is why Muralikrishna says that he did not tell your seller what the lamp looked like. The seller does not know the scum on my daughter ..

You stay for your daughter .. as if doing chores .. I also ask if I should also stay and do chores for my daughters. Karthik says give advice .. Murali Krishna says I am not great enough to give you advice with this ..

Meanwhile, while talking to Hima’s mother .. no one knows that we are here .. even the phone numbers have been changed .. how can it be known to my father .. that Shaurya is doubtful. Hima says bravely with this .. Do you have any doubt about our name .. Why should I call .. If so .. I will say it boldly .. Asks if you will come and tell Amma about the conspiracies against me .. with this Hima .. asks if you will call my father when you get the news .. then I stopped myself .. even then my mother says that she will take treatment in a small hospital .. let me call my father .. and Hima asks Dad exactly how he got to our idly cart without telling anyone. I do not know .. I wanted to tell my father .. Really ..

But now I did not call .. The work that you do not want to really do the promise that I will do the heroic tears.
My health is deteriorating with this disease .. Anxiety about what will happen to the children is increasing. Should I give children .. even if Kanna does not agree as a father .. he will look after Kannadandri .. if he gives more children .. what is my situation. Deepa wonders if she can live alone.

Longer luck comes for the melody of the beauty home. Shravya says that she is not making any phone call .. I am doing a movie map Mangalya vratham for your father, that is why she is not coming .. Their mood at home is not good .. She says speak softly. Shravya asks if Surley will eat anything ..
While aesthetics and melody speak .. beauty comes. Tiffin came to eat .. Coffee is going to drink. Shravya says .. if I come to talk to you .. does he call anything .. he asks .. he is worried that he will not come home till his daughter is seen .. he is lucky .. he does not understand what to do .. he says he is looking for something without a way out. The suns are rising .. it is scary how to come back. Will you call me even if my phone is not picked up .. That is why I have come to ask .. Mad world .. Unless you call, there will be no focus on rice .. Luckily Murali Krishna is worried about the health of any hotelier who comes to eat and drink.

Shravya comforts that there is nothing for Amma Nanna that you should not be afraid unnecessarily. To put tension on the father-in-law .. If your mother-in-law also gives that courage .. It is said to be circumcised. Luck.
M is lucky to talk .. I sent that gentleman unnecessarily and bothered him, says Soundarya.

Shaurya talks to Karthik about Hima’s lamp health .. Shaurya asks what happened to Amma .. Nothing happened .. Karthik asks if you are scared .. Yes Daddy says Hima. The sale made me really sick. Once we went to the drug store and it is said that we brought medicines .. Daddy says what made Amma sick. Snow ..

However, Nanna says that my mother came to take us home. Hima asks if it’s true Daddy will take everyone .. With this Karthik changes his words .. Actually tell me why I should talk to you .. Do you want to sell .. Do you want a father? Karthik asks his daughters if they want a father. Gone with your sale. Talk about it ..? If your mother’s summons are changing .. did you call me ..? There your mother heard Mate .. Idli set up shop. Did you make a phone call to me saying that your saleswoman is sick like this .. Karthik says why talk. You remember very well .. Is that why we named it Daddy Tiffin Center .. What if someone came and asked who your Daddy was .. Today everyone cried .. Daddy take us .. Otherwise you will be touched that the original is not good.

What does Karthik want me to do with this .. I will not agree to sell you .. If I take you .. Your mother will not agree ..

Murali Krishna with Deepa .. asks Dr. Babu somewhere .. took the children and grabbed the reports Dad .. asks if he can talk anyway. It is the same fear .. Dad says that there is more fear than the happiness that he is looking for .. He is worried whether the children will be separated from me and taken away. That’s not it .. Murali Krishna says that Karkotakadu Kadamma is enough to separate the children from the mother.

Meanwhile, Karthik arrives .. What do you want to do to the children .. Do you want to cook like you .. To put the girl near the cart. I will not let them .. Deepa means .. Hima will be there when I come. How many times have I said that you are my children .. and my children are wandering around like this .. who should be threatened .. who should come down .. I did not expect you to come, says Deepa. Didn’t expect to come .. I mean I didn’t expect you to come Deepa says. Or do you want to use the quotes given by your seller ..? No mother intentionally pushes a child into poverty. If we buy, this cart can turn into a hotel. Even if our difficulty increases, the income can increase enough for the children to grow up comfortably. Like this cart for a while .. Deepa says that he will keep pushing the cart for life.
As long as you increase your income, there will be no change in the future of the children .. Chero Idli says that the income will come as much as putting the children in the cart .. He says he cannot see a doctor or a collector. You have no doubt .. he says .. will Deepani bring the child ..? If you only want a child, you have to wait till tomorrow’s episode ..!

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