Kiss and Lie Audience: Maneuvers to Save In the Times of the Emperor


Nos Tempos do Imperador faces more difficulties to be recorded than other contemporary Globo soap operas. The period plot, with pompous parties, violent scenes and sugary romances, was adjusted to the new reality behind the scenes at Globo. To save the content without much change, the authors created a series of tricks that stir the viewer’s imagination and transform reactions into actions.

Since the network resumed recording in August last year, after five months of stoppage, directors, producers and finishers work to print the truth in this new “way” of making soap operas. The acrylic between the actors to simulate a kiss was one of the alternatives that the public has already seen in Salve-se Quem Puder and in the end of Amor de Mãe this year.

Now, reactions of joy and delight have become an asset in the hands of image editors. They value the expressions of those in a kissing scene much more, for example, than the kiss itself. Is that the care with acrylic in the middle requires a lengthy post-production process. So the kisses don’t happen on the shoot to make the process more streamlined, but the actors record as if they’ve just kissed, had sex and all that.

An example of this will be aired this Friday (3). Pilar (Gabriela Medvedovski) and Jorge/Samuel (Michel Gomes) will make the moves of a couple who will kiss in front of their engagement party guests, and the audience will go wild. But there aren’t that many people on the scene or actors “taking risks” in physical contacts.

“Because they are in the middle of other people and it is not possible to record separately, we can cut first. After Samuel’s sentence, the camera shows the reaction of the guests, already applauding, vibrating, and so we don’t need to show the kiss, just give the understand that it happened”, wrote in the script of the sequence the authors Alessandro Marson and Thereza Falcão.

Mariana Ximenes in “hot” scene

all shredded

Another maneuver for holding a scenographic party in times of pandemic was to record the supporting cast separately. Takes of people celebrating, dancing, drinking and eating are done singly and joined to the main staging in the “magic” of editing.

In the last two weeks, the public has seen the first time of the main couples. This kind of scene makes us understand what happened, but what is really being shown are legs, arms, smiles, in addition to the declarations of love. Ripping clothes off a doll was one of the tricks used.

In the chapter on the next day 9, for example, Pilar and Samuel will set their wedding date and will return to having sex scenes. The indication of the novelists for this recording was as follows:

Show only the feet and pieces of legs of the two entering the house. Legs moving closer, Pilar’s foot lifting. Samuel takes her in his arms (showing only feet and pieces of legs), romantic music, going to bed and cutting.

In fights, which were choreographed before Covid-19 and the need for distancing, now the fake becomes even more applicable because the stuntmen also need to follow safety protocols. So, often, fights are recorded separately and only one blow is practiced for real in the studio to be inserted in the edit and make the sequence more believable.

Good observers can follow how these maneuvers even induce the imagination to conclude what was not enacted by the actors.

In the Times of the Emperor began to be prepared at the end of 2019, but its debut in March of last year had to be postponed. The cast only returned to work in November 2020. The network wanted to have finished all the recordings before the debut on the 9th, but it wasn’t possible.

The actors continue recording their scenes at Estúdios Globo, in Rio de Janeiro. The forecast is that they will only finish work in October. The plot is scheduled to run until February.

The only new Globo soap opera on the air, Nos Tempos do Imperador takes place around 40 years after the events of Novo Mundo (2017). In addition to the spoilers, the TV news also daily publishes the summaries of the six o’clock soap opera.

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