KLB sings at Faustão and surprises the web: ‘I didn’t even know they existed yet’


Formed by brothers Kiko, Leandro and Bruno, KLB was one of the attractions of Ding Dong this Sunday (10). The presence of the group, which was successful in the 2000s, within the framework of Domingão do Faustão took Internet users by surprise. “I didn’t even know they existed yet,” said danicpinke on Twitter. The social network was also invaded by the climate of nostalgia.

The boy band sang the hits A Dor Desse Amor and She’s Not Here. The trio also announced that they are preparing a tour to commemorate their 21-year career for the post-vaccine.

“My God, KLB is at Faustão. And I didn’t even know they existed yet. I went on a radio once just to meet them”, said the user identified as danicpinke. “KLB at Faustão, I didn’t even know it still existed, how beautiful,” said Yasmin Maria.

“Faustão resurrecting KLB”, commented falaneguin. “Faustão dug up KLB, man,” pointed out Vic Monteiro. “Guys, can someone explain to me what KLB is doing at Faustão? What year is it today?”, Joked villain.

“KLB in Faustão, what a nostalgia for hell,” said Gabi Borges. “Guys, and I know the lyrics of KLB to this day,” said Felipe Caixeta. “My level of suffering at the moment is to watch KLB at Faustão”, commented Mari.

“KLB at Faustão and I feel like I’m 12 years old singing the song”, stated Thayane Vieira. “We know that 2021 will be all right when KLB performs at Domingão do Faustão as part of their return,” wrote Zico.

Check excerpts from the group’s presentation:

See some reactions from Internet users:

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